Love, Victor Is Better Than Love, Simon – Yeah, I Said It


Love, Victor is a spin-off of Love, Simon and I was expecting it to be good — but I had no idea it would be even better than the movie!

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I really enjoyed Love, Simon. I was late to the party on watching it, but when I finally did, I regretted waiting so long. Now I have watched it several times and it is one of my favorite movies. So when I heard that there was going to be a spin-off series, Love, Victor, I was very excited. Did I think it would be better than the movie? Of course not. But I did expect it to be good. Turns out I was wrong — Love, Victor is better than Love, Simon. Yeah, I said it.

Perhaps it is because we have a whole ten episodes to dig into Victor’s life? We get three more hours of Victor versus Simon, which let’s us learn so much more about him. I mean, we get more than double the time with him. Although, there is a lot of side plots in the show to make it work. And I have to admit, I loved them all. 

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Everyone has something going on in their lives — Felix, Mia, Lake, Pilar, Andrew, even Victor’s parents — all of them. This show is full of the drama and I am here for it. I also really like how Simon was a big part of this show, without being a big part of the show. I know that seems like a weird thing to say, but it’s true. 

We mostly only hear from Simon via direct messages on Instagram with Victor. He is helping him through his troubles and also helping him figure out who he is. I don’t want to give any spoilers for this show, because it really should be experienced by everyone who watches it. 

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I fell in love with each and everyone of these kids in this show. Following their stories had me rooting for certain couples to succeed, and truths to come out. It’s just a great show all around. And a must watch.

Love, Victor is a spin off of Love, Simon, yes. But it is a totally different story. Because everyone lives their own story — and not all stories are the same. I will say that I am really looking forward to another second season, because I know there has to be another. They can’t leave us like that. Love, Victor is a near perfect show and I cannot wait for more!

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About Love, Victor

“Love, Victor” is set in the world of the groundbreaking movie, “Love, Simon,” which was inspired by Becky Albertalli’s acclaimed young adult novel, “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda,” about a closeted gay teenager who is forced to come out after being blackmailed.

The series stars Michael Cimino as Victor, who, like Simon, is on his own journey of self-discovery. Facing challenges at home, navigating the ups and downs of a new high school and exploring his sexual orientation, Victor reaches out to Simon when things become too difficult.

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