Why Every Parent Should Watch Love, Simon (Spoiler Free Review)


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I finally got around to watching Love, Simon – I know, I know. It has been months since it came out but the timing never worked out. Now that I have seen it (twice because it was that good), I am ready to sing its praises to everyone. Love, Simon is a movie that every single parent should watch – no matter how accepting you are. If I had seen it before my top 10 list of 2018 movies was put out, it probably would have been in my top 5.

As you might already know, I have two young daughters. They are 6 and 7 years old, and if they come out as gay I will be 100% accepting of them. I mean, who cares right? They are still the same person. Which is one thing that Simon’s mother explains to him in Love, Simon. When she is telling him he is still the same brother, the same son… yea, I totally sobbed. I would hate for my girls to ever feel scared or nervous to come out to me or my husband. In the movie, Simon says his mom is ridiculously liberal and he knows she will be fine with it, but he is still not ready to do so.

Several times throughout Love, Simon, his father makes him feel uncomfortable. He says things that, had he known his son was gay, I am sure he never would have said. He just says them without thinking. When Simon does come out, he asks him which girlfriend of his made him gay (not the best response), which I think was just his way of trying to make light of the situation.

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Overall Thoughts

Simon’s parents (and friends) are extremely accepting of Simon – as they should be. I want to keep this on the spoiler free side, so I will avoid mentioning some things, but I loved the ending of the film. I cried. Again, yeah I know. I think this movie has taught me to be even more accepting – as if that was possible? I watched the movie through Simon’s point of view at first, and through a suggestion of a friend, through the friends’ eyes the second time around. This is what I recommend because I feel like I learned a lot more that second time around.

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