Dead To Me Season 2: Get Ready For Twist After Twist


Dead To Me season 2 is full of more twists and turns than the first season. Jaw dropping episode after jaw dropping episode is sure to have you hooked!

dead to me season 2

Dead To Me Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 ended. Having to wait a year after that cliffhanger was so worth it though, because I was immediately sucked in. Jen and Judy are dealing with the aftermath of Steve’s murder, with twists and turns around every corner. This season is jaw dropping episode after jaw dropping episode. If you think season one was good, just wait. 

In my review of season one of Dead To Me, I called it the perfect crime drama. Which sure seems like something that would be hard to beat. However, season two pulled it off. There is not one lull in this season. Not one moment where I got bored or lost interest. From beginning to end I was on the edge of my seat, completely enthralled with the story and what was going on.

dead to me season 2

As the happenings of the night of the season one finale are shown in flashbacks throughout the season, we discover a complete story. Along the way, we not only meet some new characters, but we get to know those from season one on a deeper level. 

Dead To Me is known for the cliffhangers of season one, and it is no different in season two. Every episode ends with a wow moment and will have you ready to watch the next one. As you already know if you watched the first season, it is an extremely bingable show. Season two is the same way. 

In true Dead To Me fashion, this season ends with a cliffhanger. Trust me when I say that you will be bedding for a season three!

dead to me season 2

Overall Thoughts

Dead To Me season two was more than worth the year wait. Although it is ten action packed episodes with more twists and turns than the first season, they fly by! Very rarely does a second season of a comedy crime drama hold up to the first, but Dead To Me does. It finds a way to continue the suspense and thicken the plot in ways that were never expected.

Nearly every episode is left with a cliffhanger that will have you clicking “next episode” just as fast as you can. And yes, there were many moments throughout this season where I gasped audibly when something was revealed. I finished this season in just one weekend, and I wish there were more episodes! Perhaps Judy, Jen, and company will be back a season three. I certainly hope so! 

If you haven’t watched Dead To Me Season One yet, you have time to binge it before season two hits Netflix. Trust me when I tell you, this is one of the best shows out there. 

dead to me season 2

About Dead To Me Season Two

Jen (Christina Applegate), Judy (Linda Cardellini) and the lies that entwine them are back. Picking up in the aftermath of that bloody backyard reveal, the irrepressible pair once again struggle to keep their secrets buried. With a surprising new visitor in town and Detective Perez (Diana Maria Riva) hot on their heels, Jen and Judy take drastic measures to protect their loved ones and each other — no matter the cost.

From Emmy Award-winning creator Liz Feldman, Dead to Me returns for an addictively dark second season, where the stakes are higher, the friendship is deeper and the traumas that bond loom larger than ever before.

Dead To Me Season Two comes to Netflix May 8th!

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