Future Man Season 3 Review: The Final Season


Future Man has been a weird and wild ride from the start, and even though the third season wasn’t its best, it ended the series perfectly.

future man season 3 review

From the very first episode of Hulu’s Future Man, I was hooked. the story of a gamer who beats an unbeatable game and it sets him off on this crazy adventure of time travel? Sounds like a dream to me. Of course I loved all the vulgar and sexual jokes because well, I love those sorts of things. The first season seemed to just get better and better.

The Future Man Season 2 dropped, and it was great – and almost (I said almost) better than the first. It ended with a great cliff hanger and I found myself counting down the days until Season 3 showed up on Hulu. I waited, what felt like forever, and then the day was finally here. I could not wait to see Josh, Tiger, and Wolf on my screen again. 

future man

Seth Rogan

When Seth Rogan appeared at the end of season two I was hoping he would be a main character in season three — and thrilled when I figured out he clearly would be. Now he wasn’t in every episode, but when he showed up, it was epic. He was perfect in his role – a washed up host of a struggling reality death match show. Who has a robot family. That he loves. Very much.

future man

Lots Of Historical Figures

One of my favorite things about this season was when they brought in a ton of historical figures. Like ones I wouldn’t even have thought of. It was hilarious. Then they had a little twist going on, that I refuse to spoil for anyone, and I was DYING laughing when I discovered it. Man, I really am going to miss this show.

future man nut face josh

Bringing In Things From The Whole Series

The more and more Future Man started to pull in things from earlier in the series, was the moment I realized this just might be the end for one of my favorite off the wall shows. the characters started to evolve and I thought oh man, this has got to be it. That was the moment I decided to really just enjoy the journey, and what was clearly going to be the final season.

future man season 3

The End Of Something Fantastic

I never look ahead to see how many episodes there are of a season. I feel like it will have me waiting for the final episode. If I knew that there were only three more episodes, I would know something is about to be wrapped up and likely solved. So when episode eight of Future Man Season 3 started, I was shocked to realize that this was the end. Only eight episodes? Why! Ugh! That’s too short for a finale of something so good. At least give us ten episodes.

About halfway into the episode, I knew that it was happening and I got unexpectedly sad. Like, really sad. I enjoyed the season. Even though it wasn’t my favorite, it had some fantastic moments. As cheesy as this might sound the characters really grew to learn more about themselves. And we saw them on a deeper level. 

When they skipped ahead for the last few minutes to show us what they were all up to, that was pure perfection. But also, the nail in the coffin on a season four.

future man season 3

Overall Thoughts

The entire series of Future Man is worth a watch if you like off the wall and weird. It is a quick binge as the episodes are really short. You will grow to love these weird characters and really get behind them in their efforts to save the world. There is time travel, sex, violence, bullying, and blood — but there are also moments where you will be laughing so hard you will have tears in your eyes.

The third season takes Wolf, Tiger, and Josh to unexpected places as they escape the DIEcathalon and run through time as refuges. They end up in Haven, with a whole slew of historical figures, and just wait until you see what happens there. But then it really does all come together in the end. I don’t want to give spoilers but I promise you, it makes the investment in the Future Man series worth it.

Is Future Man Season 3 the best season? Not at all. Is it perfect? Again, no. But did it perfectly tie together one of the best binge-worthy shows in just eight episodes? Yes. Yes, it did.

future man

About Future Man

Janitor Josh Futturman leads a pretty boring life, spending much of his time playing video games when he’s not working. Things change, though, when he beats a video game that the rest of the world has given up on, thinking it was unbeatable. After he defeats the game, mysterious visitors from the future appear. They put the world in danger, and Josh is the only person who can save it. He assembles a team to assist him as he travels through time, completing various missions as he does whatever he can to try to save Earth from the extraterrestrial visitors.

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