A Feel Good Family Movie, Playing With Fire Brings Laughter & Tears!


playing with fire movie review

Playing With Fire is the perfect mix between heartwarming and hilarious! With a cast that knocks it out of the park, this movie is a feel good family friendly film — and it is in theaters now. You don’t want to miss it, especially if your kids are on the younger side. Sure there is some humor that might not be appropriate, but it will go above their heads (and you will love it!).

The first time I saw the trailer for Playing With Fire, I watched it with my oldest daughter. And when she started giggling at the jokes, I knew this was going to be a movie I was going to want to see. She is 8 and in a bit of a transition between being a kid, and becoming a tween. So if we can hold on to bonding moments like enjoying a movie together, I am going to hold tightly. Since I was able to see this movie without her, I plan to take the whole family to see it this weekend — because I know they will all enjoy it as much as I did. If not more.

playing with fire review

A Hilarious Cast!

Just a quick glimpse at this cast and you know that Playing With Fire will be a funny movie. John Cena had me DYING in Blockers. I think that is the moment I really fell in love with him as a comedic actor. That is the moment I knew any comedy he is in, I am going to watch it. 

Keegan-Michael Key and John Leguizamo will both have you rolling as well! The three of them together are a great combination, and I hope they do more movies together. But let’s not discount the children in this film. I often wonder how a movie will be with so many kids in lead roles. Let’s be honest here, they aren’t always the best. Often over the top. However the children in this film were perfectly cast. There wasn’t a moment I winced at their acting skills — and that says a lot.

playing with fire kids

A Feel Good Family Movie

Behind all the humor in this movie, is a really, really good movie. If it doesn’t touch your heart in some way, you are a monster. In this movie, a group of fire fighters are stuck watching a group of kids after a disaster. What happens next will have you laughing, and yes, you will feel some pings in your heart too. I don’t want to give spoilers, but let’s just say some of the characters learn a little bit about themselves in this movie. 

playing with fire movie poster

Overall Thoughts

To be perfectly honest, I expected Playing With Fire to be a cute movie, but I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. In fact, I plan to take my whole family to see it this weekend. Is it predictable? Sure. Are some of the jokes lame? Of course. But that doesn’t make it any less worth watching. Especially if you have kids in your family.

Playing With Fire is heartwarming AND hilarious — and a film like that is not easy to come by. I cried from laughing, and I cried from having the feels. I mean, I cry at everything, but still. This one really got me in the heart. Such a great movie and I hope everyone goes to see it with their families this weekend!

About Playing With Fire

When straight-laced fire superintendent Jake Carson and his elite team of firefighters come to the rescue of three siblings, they quickly realize that no amount of training could prepare them for their most challenging job yet — babysitting. As their lives, jobs and depot get turned upside down, the three men soon learn that children — much like fires — are wild and unpredictable.

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  1. Are you on crack? We’re you high when you went to see this movie? Did the movie studio pay you to write this review or something? This is the worst movie we’ve seen in year. The three kids we were with all asked to leave 50 mins into it because it was so bad. Not single one of the three kids laughed during the time we were there, and neither did us as parents. Keegan Michael-Key and John Leguizamo were terrible in this movie. They are normally very funny and well respected, but this was below them. They should be embarrassed to have this movie on their IMDB page. And do you think it’s funny for grown man to sit in the woods trying to take a s**t while he stares right into the face of a 3-4 year old girl? What kind of parent are you??

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