What You Need to Know About Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (+ 5 Comics To Read!)


moon girl and devil dinosaur comics

It was announced at the 2019 D23 Expo that Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is the latest Marvel Animated Television show — and I am here for it! Honestly, I did not know much about these comics until my interview with comic book writer Ann Nocenti a couple years ago. When asked which comic book characters she would like to see made in to a show or movie, her choice was Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

It was at that moment that I started buying up these comics and reading them. I ended up loving them so much that I passed them on to my daughters, who grew to love them as well. This odd pair even joined up with the Fantastic Four kids recently, and it is amazing.

moon girl devil dinosaur

Lunella Lafayette is Moon Girl

Moon Girl’s real name is Lunella Lafayette, and she is a super genius. And I mean genius. The girl is SMART — she would give Tony Stark a run for his money if you ask me. Lunella is pretty young, a preteen, but she doesn’t let that stop her.

However, she is well aware that she has the inhuman gene, and she is a bit terrified of it. After all, you never know what is going to happen once that gene is activated. She works hard to find a solution, and in doing so, finds her best friend. A giant red T-Rex is accidentally transported from the past and they become fast friends. 

Pick Up These Comics To Learn More

Like I said, I ended up being hooked on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. They are an odd pair, but pretty amazing together. If you are looking to get to know them a bit before their show comes out, here are some of the books I highly recommend. 

Just click the links to purchase these Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comics, or learn more!

moon girl and devil dinosaur bff


moon girl and devil dinosaur beginning

In the Beginning

moon girl and devil dinosaur cosmic cooties

Cosmic Cooties

moon girl and devil dinosaur smartest

The Smartest There Is

moon girl and devil dinosaur fantastic three

Fantastic Three

If the show is anything like the comic books, which I imagine it will be, this is a series the whole family will love! Expect a lot of fun — a lot of laughs, and a lot of crazy! This is something we will be counting the days down until! My daughters (and myself) and over the moon excited! Trust me when I say, you are about to fall in love with Moon Girl (and Devil Dinosaur!).



About Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

The series follows the adventures of 13-year-old super-genius Lunella Lafayette and her ten-ton T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur. After Lunella accidentally brings Devil Dinosaur into present-day New York City via a time vortex, the duo works together to protect the city’s Lower East Side from danger.

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