Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is FINALLY Coming!



I am so hyped to tell you guys that Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (an amazing comic book series) is going to be an animated television show! A while back I chatted with Marvel Comic Book writer Ann Nocenti, and I asked her which comic she would like to see made in to a show or movie. Her answer? Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. And now that hope is a reality! 

You know that I cannot WAIT to watch this with my girls. This is a comic I didn’t know much about honestly until Ann brought it to my attention. And then I was hooked. 

Announced at D23 Expo

The news was announced today by Laurence Fishburne during Disney Television Animation’s panel at Disney’s D23 Expo. Fishburne said, “As an avid comic book fan, I am thrilled to be involved with ‘Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.Disney Channel is the perfect platform to explore this pint-sized female African American superhero and I can’t wait for their audience to enjoy the lighthearted adventures of Lunella and Devil Dinosaur.

Meredith Roberts, senior vice president, Animation Strategy, Disney Channels said, “Disney TV Animation is thrilled to collaborate with renowned producers Laurence, Helen and Steve and the talented Marvel Animation team to bring this modern-day roller-skating, gadget-wielding tween superhero and her larger-than-life partner to Disney Channel.”

Cort Lane, senior vice president, Marvel Animation & Family Entertainment said, “Lunella doesn’t know she is the smartest person on the planet, but audiences will soon know how very cool Moon Girl is. Her adventures with giant buddy, Devil Dinosaur, are filled with so much wonder and joy, and this historic partnership with Disney Television Animation and Cinema Gypsy Productions proved the right formula to bring them to television.

About Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

The series follows the adventures of 13-year-old super-genius Lunella Lafayette and her ten-ton T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur. After Lunella accidentally brings Devil Dinosaur into present-day New York City via a time vortex, the duo works together to protect the city’s Lower East Side from danger.

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