Pip the Penguin Cookie Treats from Disney Junior’s T.O.T.S.


DIY Penguin Cookie Treats

My girls and I just love making these Pip the Penguin cookie treats — which are inspired from T.O.T.S. If you are not aware, T.O.T.S is a preschool age show on Disney Junior that my daughters love! Honestly, I was shocked when I found out just how much they enjoy it.

I asked them if they had heard of it and they proceeded to tell me all about each and every character, and episode. But Pip the Penguin is both of their favorites. That is when we decided to make some fun cookie treats inspired by Pip. Their favorite cookie just so happens to be Oreos (yum, am I right?), and I knew we could come up with something fun with them! 

These penguin cookie treats are super easy to make, and the perfect snack to serve at a T.O.T.S. viewing party! The new DVD is out today — talk about perfect timing!

What You Need

  • Oreos
  • Orange Slice Candies
  • Dark Purple/Black Sprinkles
  • Knife


T.O.T.S. Pip Cookie

Carefully use knife to remove the filling from one Oreo cookie.

T.O.T.S. Pip Cookie

Place filling on top of second Oreo cookie. Shape filling to look almost like a heart, to create Pip’s face.

T.O.T.S. Pip Cookie

Cut orange slice candy in half, and then shape into a triangle for the beak.

T.O.T.S. Pip Cookie

Place one sprinkle on each side to form the eyes.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy some DELICIOUS Oreos! I prefer to use the double stuff version because — well, extra yummy filling! But also because I feel like it makes forming the face of Pip the Penguin easier. 


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  2. This cartoon reminds me of Storks. They delivered human babies ๐Ÿ‘ถ to their families while T.O.T.S. delivers baby animals to their families ๐Ÿป
  3. My grandkids and I would love making these Pip the Penguin cookie treats. Of course, they would love eating them too, because they love Oreo cookies. Thank you for sharing!
  4. They really love the double stuffed Oreos! Yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹ I used to say Nabisco would make more of a fortune, if they just sold the inside of the cookie!
  5. My grandson would love to see the new Angry Birds new movie. Just MAYBE, you can run a giveaway on this movie also . . . Hee Hee ๐Ÿ˜œ
  6. I didnโ€™t notice it before - there are 6 music videos included. I can see the grandkids kids now boogieing to the beat! Very cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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