Game Of Thrones “The Bells”: The 3 Best Moments (and 3 That Were Awful)


Game of Thrones The Bells Best and Worst Moments

I have been watching Game of Thrones since day one. It is one of those shows that had me hooked instantly, and since I have read the books (come on Georges…finish them already), I was even more excited about it. My dogs are named Sansa and Khaleesi, after all.

The series has been overall, REALLY good – but has this final season lived up to the hype? For me, that is a hard no. Perhaps I just want more for these characters. And perhaps I could never be fully pleased. While this latest episode, “The Bells”. had some amazing parts, there were several that fell flat for me.

game of thrones the bells

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for
Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5: The Bells.

The Best 3 Moments of Game of Thrones: The Bells

These moments were hands down my favorite in this episode of Game of Thrones.

Tyrion and Jaime

Tyrion has long been one of my favorite characters in this series. He has, more or less, always been level headed. And really smart. As soon as Daenerys told him that his brother was caught coming in, I knew he was going to go off and do something dumb. Like let him go. And he did.

game of thrones tyrion and jaime

But that moment, when he tells Jaime he was all he ever had. That Jaime was the only one that did not see him as a monster. And that letting his brother go would be worth his life, should it come to that. Well, yea. Cue the water works. 

Euron’s Death

I have hated, and I mean HATED Euron Greyjoy since the moment we saw him enter the picture. And it just got worse when he started sleeping with Cersei. Gross. 

But did I love that he and Jaime fought to the death (and it seemed like both of them were about to die right there)? Yes, I sure did. Did I wish Jaime had died right next to Euron and not ran off to find his sister. Sure.

game of thrones euron greyjoy

Would it have been better if he just stayed with Brienne and never came to King’s Landing – YES! What was he thinking? He had a good thing going and he deserved a much worse fate than he got for breaking her heart.

All that being said, this was a fitting end to Euron’s story. And I was happy with it. 


FINALLY we see The Mountain and The Hound square off! This was a crazy battle, and I love how The Mountain just abandoned Cersei to finish things with his brother. When he took his helmet off though… 

I knew things were going to be messed up under there, but I didn’t expect Darth Vader to be in this show. In all seriousness though, that was one of my favorite scenes of the entire episode. And going out the way they did – off a tower down to a fiery death – was pretty poetic and exactly what these two deserved. Unlike another pair of people who died in this episode…


The Worst 3 Moments of Game of Thrones: The Bells

The following moments of this episode annoyed me, for various reasons. 

Game of Thrones Varys

Varys’ Death

Varys is one of those characters I have always had mixed feelings about. He is shady, and he does unspeakable things, but they are always for the good of the people. Always for the good of the throne.

So when he betrayed Daenerys, it made sense for her to kill him. I get that. But he did it for good reason. Clearly. As we see later in the episode. I understand why this was put in this episode.

I get that it propelled the story forward and this is just about where Dany snaps for good. But I don’t have to like it. And I don’t.

Dany Goes Bat Shi*t Crazy

Yes, I was all about burning The Iron Fleet — but then something in Daenerys just snapped. She let her hunger for the Throne get in the way of her relationship with Jon, who, let’s be honest, didn’t really want to sleep with his Aunt anymore. 

game of thrones dany

After losing him, losing – well, A LOT of people – she went off the deep end. She just couldn’t take it anymore and she became the Mad Queen. Despite the troops throwing down their swords, and surrendering, she burned them all. 

Like, them ALL. Women, children – so many innocent people. Her family’s blood clearly runs through her. Since the last episode we have seen her deteriorate. Her hair is a mess, she hasn’t been eating or sleeping. She just snapped. And Jon is NOT going to have it. (I hope)

She deserved so much better than this. From the beginning I was rooting for her. Wanting her to sit on the throne in the end. Now? Nope. She doesn’t deserve it. She spent so much time freeing people, and working for the people.

All the good she did was taken away in a blaze of fire. Literally.

Cersei and Jaime Got Less Than They Deserve

These two are arguably the biggest villains in the entire Game of Thrones series. The Night King proved to be easier to handle than expected, but these two have been messing with the Starks since episode one.

Jaime has been working on redemption, while Cersei has been getting crazier and crazier. I get it, she lost her kids, but she totally deserved worse than that. In this episode we finally see her die. And this moment totally fell flat for me.

game of thrones cersei and jaime

It didn’t have to be Ayra (but that would have been amazing), or Jon, or Sansa, or even Dany – but the fact that she died at the hands of some falling rocks. Nope. Not here for it. In fact, I am still reeling over this. She deserved a much worse death and this was anything but satisfying for me. 

And Jaime? Listen, he never should have come to King’s Landing. But he did. So yes, I am totally OK with him dying (although I was really close to liking him before the second half of this season). But these two deserved to die a much worse death. And fans of Game of Thrones deserved to see someone hand down the final blow. Not a falling tower. DUMB.

game of thrones jon snow

What’s Next?

So it seems like all along this series was setting us up for a Targaryen against Targaryen battle for the throne. As much as I love Jon and Dany together (I really think he is the only person that could keep her some-what sane at this point), it is kind of gross.

Not that the series has ever shied away from incest – but Jon Snow is just not down for that, as we have seen. There is one episode left and they have a lot of things to fix for me to be satisfied. I truly hope that Game of Thrones will get the justice it deserves in the end. Or I just wasted a lot of hours of my life watching it.

Tune in to the final episode of Game of Thrones
on Sunday May 19th – 9pm ET on HBO.


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  2. Okay Danny killed some “innocent people “ people who don’t forget asked and been happy for Ned dead, people who are dead if she was not joined Jon in the war against NK ... without her army and dragons Arya never get close to kill NK. She lost one dragon saving Jon , one dragon because of Vary’s betrayal, half an army with NK war ? What do you expected? If I was in her place I was doing the same. But her mistake was she joined Jon’s war before kill Cersei and took Iron throne, with three dragons and her army she can kill NK by herself no need Arya....but : things we do for love
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