Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer Reveals Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik!


Sonic the hedgehog trailer dr robotnik

I used to love playing Sonic the Hedgehog video games (OK, I still do), so you know I have been excited for the 2019 Sonic the Hedgehog movie since I first heard about it. Well, we finally got the trailer and while there are some issues with it, I am excited. Keep in mind it is still early – the movie doesn’t come out until November – so things can be changed. Jim Carrey is pure perfection in this trailer, and I feel like he will make the movie.

My Trailer Reaction Video

This trailer had me giggling throughout most of it – largely in part thanks to Jim Carrey. From what I can tell of the plot, it seems like it will be an entertaining movie. It won’t be amazing, but hopefully it won’t be horrible either. Probably a middle of the road family film, that my daughters will enjoy. My oldest reads the Sonic comic books and has been really looking forward to seeing this movie. Plus, I love me some James Marsden.

jim carrey robotnik

Jim Carrey is the Best Part of the Trailer

Jim Carrey’s portrayal of Doctor Robotnik is easily the best part of the trailer. He is his usual goofy self, and I am here for it. He had me cracking up during this trailer! And that part at the end when we see him go full Eggman – LOVED IT! We just need him to get a pot belly and it will be perfect. I am excited to see Jim playing one of my favorite video game villains, and I really think he will pull it off.

sonic the hedgehog 2019 movie

Sonic’s CGI Needs Some Help

At first, from far away, I was impressed with Sonic’s CGI. But when they zoomed in close to him talking – yea, he needs some work. Especially after watching it a few times, I started to get nervous. However, November is a long ways away and they have plenty of time to fix him. Remember how bad Will Smith’s Genie looked in the first Aladdin trailer? At least the voice is pretty perfect.

sonic the hedgehog movie 2019 poster

About Sonic the Hedgehog

Juvenile delinquent Sonic the Hedgehog and local policeman Tom Wachowski must stop Dr. Eggman from completing his plans for world domination.

Sonic comes to theaters November 8th, 2019!


  1. Ludovic Mercier on

    The way I see it, the movie could be horribly bad and -still- become a guilty pleasure people will all watch on DVD now and then because I can easily see this become the Street Fighter live action movie of a new generation and it’s Eggman as played by Carrey become it’s Mr.Bison as played by Raul Julia.

    It might still be bad, but we’ll still find guilty pleasure in watching That One Actor having too much fun with their role.

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