How To Succeed At YouTube: Video Course is Now Available


youtube course

I am extremely excited to announce that I am releasing a How To Succeed at YouTube Course! If you don’t already know, I have spent the last year discovering what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to growing my YouTube Channel. My number of subscribers has tripled in the last year, my engagement has grown, and my ad revenue has skyrocketed. Video is IT right now, and I want to help you succeed at growing your channel.

I have had a few videos go viral this year, but my growth is much more than that. My videos tend to get at least 5,000 views, with many of them soaring over the 30,000 mark. I have learned many things that work for YouTube this year, and several things that do not as well. In this course I will be sharing all of that with you so that you can grow your channel to its potential. You will also learn about TubeBuddy, OBS, and Wondershare Filmora.


Sign Up For My Course

If you are interested in purchasing my course, please do so below. This course consists of 12 short videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. Consistency
  3. Interaction
  4. Creating an Intro
  5. Video Descriptions
  6. Setting Upload Defaults
  7. Creating an Eyecatching Thumbnail
  8. Using TubeBuddy
  9. Sharing
  10. YouTube Community
  11. Live Streaming with and without OBS
  12. Conclusion

Included in these videos are some brief overviews of must use programs. In depth courses of those programs will be coming at a later date, so keep an eye out. I am excited to help you grow your channel and help you succeed at YouTube!


Custom YouTube Channel Trailer

Every serious YouTube Channel needs a trailer! I am ready to create the perfect one for you!

You will need to send Mama’s Geeky the following:

  • Video Greeting & Description of Your Channel
  • A minimum of 5 videos for her to pull clips from (Video via WeTransfer or YouTube link is fine)
  • Anything else you would like in your video (logo, animation, etc)


Examples & Testimonials

Crazy Amanda Reacts – “I trust Tessa with all of my video services. She’s the best!”

Custom trailer will be 1 to 1.5 minutes long, which is ideal. Channel Trailer will be delivered via WeTransfer within 5 business days.