#MCCHRISISGOODMUSIC Review: The Perfect Nerd Core Album?


#mcchrisisgoodmusic review

If you didn’t already know, I am a big fan of MC Chris. I was able to see him live for the first time during his MC Chris is Dead 10 year anniversary tour, and it was pretty awesome. I rocked out and drank way too much. It was a night out with my husband where we were staying in a hotel and the kids were home with a sitter. We took advantage. #MCCHRISISGOODMUSIC was just released and I was excited – but cautiously optimistic – and here is why.

Is It Too Political?

MC Chris is very politically outspoken. I am 100% cool with that. In fact, I always agree with the things he has to say. I was just a little nervous that it might have hurt his music a little. Well, I could not have been more wrong. This is one of his best albums yet! It started right off with a skit that made me grin from ear to ear! And it has the perfect mix of songs. Plus, a Taco Bell song. I mean, you cannot go wrong with a Taco Bell song.

The Track List

Every song on here was great. I mean, every single one. There wasn’t one song that I will skip when I listen to it – over. and over. and over. I have bolded my five favorites below, but they are worth a listen. I guarantee it.

  1. Soul Jar [Explicit]
  2. #Mcchrisisgoodmusic [Explicit]
  3. MC Chris 2020 [Explicit]
  4. Sidon Ithano [Explicit]
  5. Asmr [Explicit]
  6. Nuggetz [Explicit]
  7. Pitfall [Explicit]
  8. Gordita Crunch [Explicit]
  9. Soft Suggestion List [Explicit]
  10. C-3po [Explicit]
  11. Foxy Nazi [Explicit]
  12. Scum Licking [Explicit]
  13. Shkreli [Explicit]
  14. Games America [Explicit]
  15. He Wasn’t so Bad [Explicit]
  16. Ggtt [Explicit]

#MCCHRISISGOODMUSIC is available for purchase now!

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