Fallout 76 Was Nowhere Near What I Had Hoped For


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fallout 76

I was so excited when Fallout 76 was announced. One of my favorite series ever, turning into an MMO format, what more could I want? Well, I have to admit, it was not at all what I had hoped for. I got bored. Fast. I got annoyed. Often. Because I am such a completionist, I don’t often get into a game right away, because I am usually finishing up another one. Red Dead Redemption 2 came out right before Fallout 76 and I planned to go back and forth between the two.

As soon as I got out of the vault and into the big world of Fallout 76, I was annoyed. Something I really loved about Fallout series was the open world, but with a story line that you should follow too. We get the same thing, sort of, with Fallout 76, but by the time I was able to play, many players were far more advanced than me. If I wanted to fight anyone, it was pretty impossible, as I would die immediately.

fallout 76

I Wish I Loved It More

As I was exploring the world, I would come across different missions that I could complete with other players. This was extremely frustrating as I might be hunting for a piece of the puzzle and then someone beats me to finding it. These sort of missions were just not made for a group effort if you ask me. Perhaps if I had friends that could play with me from start to finish, I would enjoy it more. For now, I will stick to the regular Fallout series – in fact, I might just replay Fallout 4 now.

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  1. It all starts with the character editor, yes he is well done, but after that he will be completely disappointed. It seems like they wanted to do something like PUBG, but for some reason only 24 people can be on huge locations. You can run on the map for 10-15 minutes, but you can’t meet more than one player 🙁 There is an opportunity to build houses, but the system of building houses is poorly done, arranging objects is not convenient, you can immediately see the imperfection. There is a lot of loot in the game, we’ll run to explore peace, we kill monsters, collect loot, and so on in a circle, in the end it’s boring, because it’s boring and it seems like it’s not a hamster simulator, but still a game about post-apocalypse.

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