Fallout 76 Was Nowhere Near What I Had Hoped For


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fallout 76

I was so excited when Fallout 76 was announced. One of my favorite series ever, turning into an MMO format, what more could I want? Well, I have to admit, it was not at all what I had hoped for. I got bored. Fast. I got annoyed. Often. Because I am such a completionist, I don’t often get into a game right away, because I am usually finishing up another one. Red Dead Redemption 2 came out right before Fallout 76 and I planned to go back and forth between the two.

As soon as I got out of the vault and into the big world of Fallout 76, I was annoyed. Something I really loved about Fallout series was the open world, but with a story line that you should follow too. We get the same thing, sort of, with Fallout 76, but by the time I was able to play, many players were far more advanced than me. If I wanted to fight anyone, it was pretty impossible, as I would die immediately.

fallout 76

I Wish I Loved It More

As I was exploring the world, I would come across different missions that I could complete with other players. This was extremely frustrating as I might be hunting for a piece of the puzzle and then someone beats me to finding it. These sort of missions were just not made for a group effort if you ask me. Perhaps if I had friends that could play with me from start to finish, I would enjoy it more. For now, I will stick to the regular Fallout series – in fact, I might just replay Fallout 4 now.

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