My Three Favorite Keto Meals at Disney World


Disney World Keto

I have been more or less living the keto lifestyle since January 2018. Even while on vacation I try to stay as much on the “keto diet” as I can. Of course I allow myself cheats here and there. I wrote an article about eating keto at Disney World, but now I want to share with you my five favorite keto meals there. I never miss out on these when I visit, because they are super delicious and approved for my way of eating. A win win!

Hot Diggity Dog Caseys

This Hot Diggity Dog complete with buffalo chicken is the perfect Keto lunch (just don’t eat the bun!).

Casey’s – Skip the Bun

There is just no possible way I can walk down Main Street and not stop to have a hot dog at Casey’s. I have been doing this since I was a little girl, and taking carbs out of my diet will not stop it. However, it is easy enough to order a hot dog (foot long of course) and skip the bun. Depending on their specialty hot dog, you might even be able to order that!

For example, you can totally have the buffalo chicken hot dog, but would not be able to eat the mac and cheese one. You can order without the bun and they will accommodate you, but my girls love bread (and they don’t get it at home often) so I always just order as is and pass the bun along to them.

Sautili Canteen

Satu’li Canteen Sample Platter

There are several keto approved options here, but my all time favorite is the sampler platter. You can select a protein, base, and sauce. I go with chicken, salad base, and garlic sauce.

Of course beef would also be keto approved. Just stay away from the rice base and you should be fine. Satu’li Canteen is the best place to eat at Animal Kingdom, in my opinion, and the food is always good. Not to mention the ambiance.

Steak at Le Cellier

Fair warning, this is a pricey place to eat. But, it is worth every penny. My husband and I took my in-laws there once and they still talk about how it was the best cut of meat they have ever had. There are plenty of steaks to choose from so order one with veggies on the side. Skip the bread (or treat yourself to ONE piece) and you will be eating keto (and loving it!).

Other Options

Honestly there are tons of other keto approved options at Walt Disney World, and cast members are always willing to help you out. Head to Cosmic Ray’s and order a burger or chicken sandwich without the bun – no problem.

I also love a good taco salad at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe. Plus, nearly every restaurant had a salad with protein that will keep you on track! Of course, don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then so you don’t go on a binge.

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