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How To (Mostly) Stay on the Keto Diet at Walt Disney World

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As you likely know by now, I have changed my way of eating to a Keto lifestyle. It has been about two months know and I feel better than ever. I knew going in to this that I would be spending nearly two weeks (12 days) at the most magical place on Earth, Walt Disney World.

Being Disney Vacation Club members allowed us to be able to escape this snowy, frigid, and downright depressing winter, and enjoy some fun in the sun. It is no secret that Disney is our favorite vacation spot – I mean, it is why we joined the DVC. But there are temptations everywhere for someone trying to cut out carbs – here is how I survived my extended Disney vacation on Keto!

lefous brew Disney World

Enjoy a treat now and then – or you will end up binging!

Cheat A Little

Honestly, if I hadn’t gone in to this vacation with the plan to cheat a little, I would have ended up binging on carbs. I told myself that I was going to eat a churro, a Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel, and enjoy a sweet or two. Getting to Disney with the mindset that I would MOSTLY stay eating Keto is what really helped me.

Sure, some days I went over my carbs and indulged on sugary treats, but for the most part, I stayed on my way of eating. And I am so proud of myself for that. If I had tried to be good from the start, I would have come home bloated and full of carbs!

Hot Diggity Dog Caseys

This Hot Diggity Dog complete with buffalo chicken is the perfect Keto lunch (just don’t eat the bun!).

Enjoy Casey’s…Without The Bun!

Who doesn’t love a good hotdog at Casey’s? I know that for me, that is one of my favorite laces to eat at. Lucky for me, Keto is totally fine with hotdogs – just not the bun.

Sure it pained me a little to pay that much for a hotdog and toss half of it in the trash, but it kept me on track. Plus, it gave me an excuse to order the foot long!
Satu'li Canteen

Eat up all the protein in your Satu’li Canteen bowl – and just have a few bites of the rice.

Skip (or Limit) Breakfast

While I am a huge fan of the sticky bun for breakfast at Garden Grill, I only had a few bites (that was really hard!). If we had a breakfast booked, I chose to eat a lot of eggs and bacon (most places have an omelette station that is to DIE for!). Although, I did enjoy breads on occasion – I couldn’t pass up those biscuits and gravy at Crystal Palace!

Any day that we did not have a breakfast meal already booked, I just skipped breakfast. I had a few cups of coffee and headed out to the parks, making lunch my first meal of the day. This was pretty easy for me considering I haven’t been eating breakfast for two months now. In fact, the mornings that I did eat breakfast, I was pretty full and able to skip lunch easily, so it all evened out.

Steak Be Our Guest

The steak at Be Our Guest is to die for!

Extra Veggies For Sides

While the steak fries at Be Our Guest are to die for, they are also full of carbs. We planned three (yes, three…) meals at Be Our Guest during our stay there. The first time, I got those fries, but after that I substituted them for something with a lot less carbs – extra green beans.

Disney will let you substitute sides at just about any restaurant you eat at – quick service or sit down. I opted for a lot of salads and no to low carb sides like Keto approved veggies.

Keto Disney

Drink Lots of Water

This was an easy one. It is pretty hot and humid in Florida, even in February, so this was not challenging at all. I did not have much soda at all (just a couple of Sprites when it was really hot and I wanted something refreshing).

I also indulged on a couple LeFou’s Brews (and lattes!) – but shared them with family so I was not drinking a whole one at once. Drinking a lot of water helped to keep me full and cut back on cravings.

Disney World Keto

My Weight Change

I somehow managed to arrive home with only gaining 7 pounds. When I left home for Disney I weighed 155 (my first goal!), and when I arrived home (12 days later mind you!), I weighed 162. That being said, I was back down to 155 within one week of being home and going back to a strict Keto diet.

Overall, I am totally happy with how well I stuck to a healthy way of eating while there. Again, allowing myself those cheats and treats every so often was my saving grace. I could have been better and more strict, but you only live once – right?

Do you have a hard time sticking to healthy eating while on vacation?


Thursday 31st of January 2019

This is so helpful!! I do have a question for you....did you feel awful when you started eating the "cheat foods"? This is what I'm most worried about for our next Disney visit later this year. I've heard feom so many people that as soon as they stray from keto foods, they fell terrible. I want to indulge a bit in my favorite Disney food, but I don't want to feel like crap for the rest of the vacation!


Sunday 20th of January 2019

I've just started keto and we are off to Disney in October this year. Currently though I realy on my butter coffee to get me through to lunchtime without eating. I may have adapted my diet by then though. Fantastic article, it gives me hope for not coming back home the size of a whale.


Monday 17th of December 2018

Who would have known dieting can be so much fun? Disney and Diet can definitely go together! It's also comforting to know that I am not alone in this and we can share information with each other. Thanks for the tip.


Monday 19th of November 2018

I would definitely love to visit Disney world with my family! And of course, try the foods!

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