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I have two daughters, ages 5 and 6, so when we choose shows involving superheroes to watch together, those shows usually involve female superheroes. They connect with them better, and honestly, I like them seeing girls be the strong ones for once. Mysticons is one of our favorite shows, which you can watch on Nickelodeon. It has been on for about 6 months and in that time has become a huge hit with us! Even my husband enjoys it!

Mysticons Character Quiz

Take the Mysticons Character Quiz & see who you are most like?

About Mysticons

Jump into a world that reimagines what a hero can be. Mysticons is the original animated action series that is changing the landscape for girls everywhere. The series focuses on four unexpected heroes – Arkayna, Zarya, Em, and Piper – who transform into the legendary Mysticons to undertake a mythic quest to save their realm. This action rich show can be described as “Manhattan meets Middle Earth” and highlights the representation of girls’ strength, power, and courage with ALREADY strong, confident, smart, witty, and funny characters.

From Screen to Shelf

Mysticons has now gone from screen to shelf with the brand new Mysticons Action Figures! This unique line from Playmates toys shakes up the industry norm with these stunning new action figures targeted toward girls. The line focuses on hero-play instead of hair play, or fashion – offering girls a new way to play and save the day! My girls just about flipped out when they saw these action figures. Of course, I had to let them get a few. Luckily Playmates sent us our very own Piper as well (my youngest’s favorite!)!

The Mysticons toy line offers an immersive transmedia experience with action figures, role play sets, and trading cards that come with each toy that unlock rewards in the Mysticons: Secrets of Gemina RPG app. The Core Action Figure assortment features fully articulated 7-inch figures of the four fearless heroes. Each figure comes with their weapons and a cute animal friend. The line also includes deluxe 10-inch Arkayna and Zarya dolls with lights and voice action, two flying-action griffin playsets, a huggable plush of everyone’s favourite foz, Choko, and role-play battle gear sets that will allow kids to transform into their favorite Mysticon!

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About Mysticons: Secrets of Gemina

Guide the Mysticons through a mesmerizing and engaging fantasy world as they take on a heroic quest to defeat evil and protect the realm. This game features a parallel storyline to the events in season one. Level up your characters, explore familiar locales from the series, and even win battles to collect epic loot! It is a must download for any fan of the series!  “Secrets of Gemina” is now available to download for free through the App Store and Google Play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Which Mysticon Are You Most Like?

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Enter to win a Mysticons action figure using the Gleam form below. Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. I am the most like Em! This was a fun quiz and now I definitely want to check this show out now, my girls are going to love it too! 🙂

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