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Ultimate Kids Halloween Party

My girls love a good Halloween party. Halloween has always been a favorite holiday in our house. There is nothing like doing some fun Halloween crafts, watching a spooky movie, and eating yummy Halloween treats! The weather is getting cooler and the leaves outside are changing. It is one of my favorite times of year! I wanted to share with you some fun, simple, and inexpensive ways that your family can celebrate Halloween, just like mine does!


This slime is really easy to make! Just pick up a Steve Spangler’s Super Slime kit (green slime pictured here). Basically just mix the two components together, add some glitter and a fake spider or two – and you have some creepy slime! This is a hit with the kids, trust me!

Frankenstein’s Monster

This Frankenstein’s monster is easy (and fun!) to make! All you need is construction paper, scissors, glue, and crayons. You can either cut out the heads before the kids start working on them, or let them cut them out. I drew the shape on the paper so the kids would have an easier time cutting. Do the same for the bolts and the hair. I let them decide how they wanted to do the eyes, teeth, and mouth. Then, let them glue together their monster. My daughter wanted to make hers a girl and add a bow, so we did that. Bonus points for creativity!


This mummy project is a lot of fun for the little ones. To get the base of the mummy, we used a gingerbread man print out. Print as many of these that you need (and maybe a few extra). Besides that you will only need white yarn, googly eyes (or crayons), glue, and scissors. First, we had the girls cut out their mummy and glue on their googly eyes. Next, we cut a long string of yarn and started wrapping our mummy up in it – every which way. Once the yarn is all wrapped how you want it, dab a little bit of glue on the ends to hold it down (you can also use tape). These mummies make fun Halloween decorations!


To make these ghosts all you need is some cardboard stock paper, black construction paper, glue, and cotton balls. Either trace out a ghost shop or let the kids cut one out. Next, have them cover the ghost in glue and cotton balls. They can then use precut eyes and mouths, or cut them out themselves from the construction paper. Have them glue those on to the cotton balls. Choose Popsicle sticks or string to use to display your ghosts. You can tape the Popsicle sticks on the back to make puppets, or attach the string to the top to hang your ghosts.

Halloween Crafts

Perler Beads

About a year and a half ago we discovered Perler Beads. They are a ton of fun – and I love how they promote creativity in kids. They also really help with fine motor skills. We found some really cool Halloween Kits that the kids love to use! These project are really simple. You have a pegboard and an instruction sheet showing you how to make the different designs. Just put the beads on the pegboard and use the provided ironing paper and iron to fuse the beads together (adults should do this part!). We have created many things with Perler Beads – but some of our favorites are Halloween themed!

Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Welch's Halloween

No Halloween get together is complete without snacks! So don’t forget the Halloween themed fruit snacks that Welch’s puts out this time of year! My girls go “batty” over them. They love putting them on top of sugar cookies as decoration and eating them together – who would have thought? You can also have fun with these fruit snacks playing games like fruit snack BINGO. We also love to hand them out to Trick or Treaters!

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