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The Lion King Under the Stars Movie Night

This summer, my family and I hosted several Disney movies under the stars nights. These were a total blast to put together! I themed our snacks, decor, and activities around the films that we were watching. It would only take us a few minutes to set up our screen and projector – and this quickly became something we tried to do every week or so. We have always enjoyed a good family movie night, but there is quite like having one under the stars.

movie night kit

The Outdoor Movie Night Set Up

In case you missed it over the summer, here is what you need in order to create your movie night under the stars set-up:

Simply connect your phone to the speaker and projector using the adapter and the HDMI cable. Be sure the projector is lined up with your projector screen, sheet, or side of the house evenly. This way the movie will be straight and easier to watch, instead of an an angle. Then use Disney Movies Anywhere to pull up the movie you want to watch and hit play! Then all that is left to do is relax and enjoy the movie.

moana movie night

Have A Movie Night Anywhere

My extended family got together for a camping weekend and we brought our set up along with us. We ended up watching Moana, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Inside Out. The whole family was impressed – and had a total blast! In fact, several of them talked about picking up the elements of the set up so that they could have their own movie nights under the stars.

Beauty and the Beast Under the Stars Movie Night

Favorites and More To Come

My favorite movie night we did all summer was probably Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Not only because of the delicious snacks, but because I genuinely love that movie. At this moment, it is my favorite comic book movie of all time. I am a huge Guardians fan, if you didn’t know. I even have a Guardians of the Galaxy sleeve tattoo that features Star-Lord, Rocket, Baby Groot, Gamora, Drax, Yondu, and Ego. Nebula will be added soon to complete the sleeve. Because I am such a comic book nerd, I am DYING to watch Avengers: Infinity War on the big screen under the stars!

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