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I am not a big makeup person in the sense that I do not do a full face of makeup everyday. But one thing that I do nearly every day is wear lipstick. I just feel like it makes my face pop and I enjoy wearing it. I learned about LipSense from a friend of mine, Kara, who happens to sell it. She told me that it lasts entire day – if not longer. I am constantly reapplying lipstick so this sounded like something that would save me lots of time. She sent me some to try out and boy, did it make a difference!


LipSense has many different colors to choose from. I also highly recommend you pickup a gloss to go over the color and an Ooops! Remover which will take the color off if you make a mistake. I certainly needed the remover the first time I tried LipSense. One thing I did love about it though is how easy it is to apply. Simply start on one corner of your mouth and apply a layer without stopping across your lips. You can apply second and third layers to deepen the color. I like three layers of color when I wear LipSense – and then a layer of the Moisturizing Gloss on top. LipSense does not come off when drinking, eating, or even kissing! I love the look and how long it lasts!


I will say that I did feel a tingle the first couple of times I used LipSense. This is perfectly normal because each color contains SD40 alcohol which cleans and exfoliates your lips. After using it for about 3 days, this went away for me. LipSense is Kissproof, Smudge proof, Water Proof, not tested on animals gluten free, non Gmo, Vegan, Wax Free, Lead Free.


About Kara

Kara started using LipSense back in September because it lasts. She discovered that she could sign up for a wholesale membership and would get at least 20% off when ordering. She loved it so much that she wanted to share it with other people – so she started selling it! She has even begun using the MakeSense foundation, ShadowSense, as well as their skin care products – and loves them all.

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Enter to win a FREE LipSense Gloss PLUS 15% off a Color and Remover of your choice using the Gleam form below! Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!



    • Cappuccino is pretty. I can try to get it, but I am confident we can find another color you would love too! Join my Facebook group to take a look around.
    • I can try to get my hands on peach! Let me know by joining my Facebook group and messaging me. If we can't find peach I am sure we can find one you like.
    • Roseberry is so pretty. It's a perffect mix of red and pink. Make sure you join my group to see what I have in stock.
  1. Melissa Storms on
    I have never tried Lipsesns but have heard so many good things about it. I would love to have the Praline Rose, such a pretty color.
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  3. I would probably choose Heartbreaker if I were lucky enough to win. It seems like a pretty safe color to try out! I love lip balm but never wear the tinted kind. :)
    • Heartbreaker is beautiful. I happen to just have one left. The color has been discontinued. Make sure to join my group!

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