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The Ultimate San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide | #SDCC

Trust me, I wish more than anything that I was going to be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year. Unfortunately it falls at the same time as a really important family event, so I am going to have to miss it. The only thing that makes this OK for me is that I know Marvel is not going to be doing any panels there. It kind of makes it an OK year for me, as a huge Marvel fan, to miss. Although I know there will be some pretty amazing announcements from DC, Warner Bros, and so much more. But just let me think I won’t be missing anything. Please.

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Mama Smith’s to Become Mama’s Geeky

You might have noticed that my social media handles have been migrating away from Mama Smith’s and to Mama’s Geeky. That is because I have some pretty exciting news! Mama Smith’s will become Mama’s Geeky over the course of the next few days. Don’t worry, this won’t effect anything. I will still have the same great content, just a more focused name on what I am really all about.


Tobacco Free New York State Urges Public to Protect Children

As a mom of two young kids, one thing I am very concerned about is tobacco and cigarettes. They see them everywhere and my husband and I have been trying to teach them about how unhealthy they are. Yes, we even sometimes over exaggerate with words like “ew” and “gross” when we are near someone smoking, but it seems to be helping. I was very pleased to hear about the Seen Enough Tobacco Campaign that Tobacco Free New York has launched because kids really have seen enough.

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A Mother’s Day Gift – For Life! 5 Tips on Women’s Health

Happy Mother’s Day to all you great moms out there! I hope you’re having a happy, healthy celebration. Yes, I put happy and healthy in the same sentence—because we are happier when we’re living a healthy life. And what better time to start than today, the launch of National Women’s Health Week?

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Does The Crib Mattress Have An Effect On The Way Your Baby Sleeps?

You may not realize that a newborn baby needs around sixteen to twenty hours sleep every day. If your baby is to get the sleep that they need, they have to be placed in an environment where they are secure. This does not just involve providing the right crib for your child; you also need to put a lot of thought into buying the right crib mattress. In this article, we are going to take a look at which crib mattresses you can choose from. We are also going to provide you with some advice that you should find useful when you are buying a crib mattress for your child.


5 Personal and Professional New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

It is hard to believe that 2016 is already coming to an end. It has been a great year overall. I got to experience many things that I have only dreamed of doing. I walked the red carpet for the Captain America: Civil War premiere, I was able to interview Chris Evans, I took my girls on a Disney Cruise, I visited Skywalker Ranch, and I even got to go on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! It has been a whirlwind of a year, but I just know 2017 will be better! I have thought long and hard about my top 5 goals for the year and I thought writing them down would make them more real – make me actually commit to them.


Three Critical Things You Should Teach Your Teens About Safe Driving

Every day millions of people hit the road on their way to their destination. Unfortunately, in that same day, car accidents abound all over the country. While some are small fender benders, others end up being fatal. Teen drivers are especially at risk of getting in an auto accident due to their lack of driving experience. As a parent, it is our job to ensure they are well prepared when driving on the road. This is not only for their safety, but the safety of their passengers and other drivers on the road.

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Baby Shower Must-Haves

I have two young girls (3 and 4 years old), one of which has extremely sensitive skin. So we don’t take choosing a detergent lightly in our home. When it comes to a brand I trust to keep their clothes clean and also not cause rashes or outbreaks – it’s Dreft. Dreft believes that for many moms and dads, doing baby’s laundry is more than just an ongoing chore – it serves as a way to relish in the amazing moments and stages of babyhood – and I have to agree. I know that I already miss folding those tiny onsies, and soon I will miss doing laundry for my girls at all, even though that is hard to believe.

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