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It’s 2017 already, and we are certainly just there with reaching the epitome of technological aggrandizement. Internet is faster than ever, while gadgets are getting more portable. Your child doesn’t need a family computer to connect to the internet anymore, nor do they have to take permission from you before making a phone call, because they can do all that using their personal smartphone.

In fact, you don’t eve have to wait for the sweet sixteen of your child to get them something big for their birthday, because as soon as they hit their tween years, they automatically become eligible to get a smartphone; at least, that’s how most kids believe & love nowadays.

Why You Need XNSPY?

Have you ever come across a nasty popup while surfing the internet with a hot girl or guy telling you that they are single and within your area? Or did you ever receive a cheesy text on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Online scamming, anonymous interactions, and online predating is on a surge and that too at an appalling rate. If your child is browsing internet or social media without your assistance, they could be catfished by pedophiles or bullied by their own peers.

If you are thinking about wrapping a cell phone for your child on Christmas, do consider getting an iPhone parental control software.

How XNSPY Can Help?

XNSPY is a parental monitoring software for iPhones, iPads and iPods that can help you get along with your child’s newly-acquired cell phone-related activities. When your child goes online, there is a lot that could go wrong as aforementioned. Using XNSPY, you can:

  • Monitor your kids’ texts and photos from favorite social networking apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage, Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and even Tinder). With this, you can save your kids from online abuse as most of these risks soar up when your children show willingness to talk to strangers.
  • Track their text messages and calls logs, because why not? Texts and carrier calls are still a frequently used service even amongst kids.
  • Record their surroundings when aren’t around to ensure they are safe and sound.
  • Record their phone calls to know if their late night convos aren’t getting too personal.
  • Access multimedia (photos and videos) saved on their device to ensure they aren’t sharing pornographic or adult content, such as Discover new HD sex videos every single day.
  • Track all of their emails to know they who and what they are subscribing to.
  • Control device activity with XNSPY’s remote commands if your kids overuse or abuse their cell phones. You can lock/unlock their devices at night or whenever they tend to go a little too aboard with their cell phone obsession.

XNSPY—More Room for Negotiation

Many parents opt for a smartphone contract; it’s a document that has no legal value, but still works as a reminder of all the promises that the child makes with their parents before grabbing onto their first cell phone. Unfortunately, kids’ abuse of their personal devices could escalate quite quickly and they can totally forget to abide by the preconditions that they once agreed to.

XNSPY iPhone monitoring software is a great way to remind your child that you still own the iPhone or iPad that they use, and also that you are still their guardian. You can control their screen time and even decide who they can talk to.

XNSPY—Digital Safety or Privacy Breach?

It’s important to note that your child could sense that their privacy has been breached due to monitoring. They might also feel that you are intruding into their lives. But the reality is: Young kids are highly vulnerable to online risks and this is something that even the U.S. statute has acknowledged by allowing parents to monitor their minors’ digital devices without their consent (digital surveillance rules may vary across U.S. states).

Is XNSPY Easy to Use?

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy for monitoring your children’s cell phones. The installation process is minimalist and takes only a minute or two for the setting up the service on the target device. In fact, you can use this iPhone parental monitoring software without even touching your kids’ devices, remotely. Once the services are activated, XNSPY will start uploading all the phone logs automatically which you can access anytime using your web account.


XNSPY is a valuable digital tool for parents who want to secure their kids’ digital space surrounding their smartphones. The better part is that it’s cheap. For $8.33/month, you can protect your kids against cyberbullies, online harassers and online predators by keeping right schedules and regularly keeping checks on their cell-phone-related activity.

Where to Get It?

You can subscribe to XNSPY using their website www.xnspy.com. The signup process is easy and perfectly designed for parents. If you get stuck somewhere, you could always ask for help from XNSPY’s customer support team.

Got any parental epiphanies or questions? Let us know about your musings in the comments.


  1. Elizabth Perkins on
    It's nice to come across an informational article like this one. My main worry with finding a mobile monitoring software was how to remain undetectable and then how to use it on a non-jailbroken device without having to jailbreak it. This helps!
  2. Randall Shlton on
    Hey thanks for this article. I'm also a concerned mom. My teenager is becoming a frequent Tinder user and lately has been meeting random strangers. I think I can use this app to monitor her activities closely to keep her safe.
  3. ursula marshall on
    Can someone tell me what to do if the person I was monitoring changes the SIM? How can I know? The app I used before didn’t help much once the person changed the SIM.
  4. You’d get an alert about this. I guess you can reinstall the app on the device when this happens. Otherwise, you won’t get updated data. I’d strongly recommend talking to the customer service.
  5. You cannot rely on the customer care, they hardly ever reply on time. The last time I used this app, they never responded to my queries. Such a waste of time if you’d ask me.
  6. Has anyone here tried multiple monitoring with this app? Is that possible without my being detected on any of the multiple devices?

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