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I have two young daughters – they are 3 and 5 years old – and they are big fans of Nature Cat on PBS Kids. Ever since we started watching it, they have taken a much bigger interest in nature and spending time outdoors. So when I learned that there was a new Nature Cat app called Nature Cat’s Great Outdoors, I knew that I needed to download it to my phone. I figured the girls would have fun playing with it and getting to have fall adventures with myself and my husband – but I never dreamed I would have just as much fun as them. I found myself asking them if they wanted to go outside and play before they would ask me.


Nature Cat’s Great Outdoors app is your nature adventure backpack – filled with tools to watch, listen, draw, and record your favorite things in nature. Every day, Nature Cat has a new daily adventure for users to check out. The “tools” included in your backpack are:

  • Nature Cat’s Journals: Create your own set of nature journals to share your adventures.
  • Daisy’s Camera: Take photos of your favorite thingsand place your pictures in your journals.
  • Squeek’s Compass: Learn how to use a compass, which can help you find your way during your nature exploration.
  • Hal’s Microphone: Record your own sounds or sounds you hear on your nature adventures. Place your sound recordings in your journal!


We have spend so many hours outside exploring around our city thanks to the Nature Cat Great Outdoors app! My girls really enjoy searching for things to record and take photos of, as well as using the compass to figure out which direction we are walking in. I really like that it asks you to choose what the weather like outside so that the mission will make sense. For example, it was a windy fall day here last week, and my girls were told to record the sound of “something that looks like this” and a photo of leaves was shown. Can you imagine if it was in the middle of winter and they were asked to do that? It would be impossible. So what great thinking on the developers of this app’s part. I really thought that was smart of them.


My girls and I have really enjoyed our time taking in the great outdoors thanks to Nature Cat and his friends! I highly recommend this app for anyone! Kids under 3 can do it with the help of an older sibling or a parent – and I feel that all the way up to 12 will enjoy exploring with it!


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