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I am quite the coffee drinker. I stay home with two little girls and well, I can’t seem to get through my day without at least 3 or 4 cups. My oldest started Kindergarten this year meaning that she is in school all day long, leaving me alone with the little one. And thanks to back to school time, I am needing even more coffee to get through my day. One of my favorite coffee companies is Brooklyn Bean Roastery because they have a wide variety of delicious coffees. I have been known to put a spoon full of cinnamon in my cups of coffee before and because of this, I love Cinnamon Subway!

Brooklyn Bean Roastery whisks you right here to the corner of the globe with the perfect blended combination of rich coffee and toasted cinnamon. Spicy-sweet and elegant- a tantalizing flavored coffee treat. Hold on tight. Their pastry-inspired brew will put you in head-to-toe cinnamon bliss. Brooklyn Bean Roastery Single-Serve Cinnamon Subway coffee cups are available in a convenient 40-count box. Use Brooklyn Bean Roastery cups in many of the popular single-serve coffee machines.

All of Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s delicious individual blends include:

  • Highest quality of coffee beans; 100 percent Arabica coffee beans available in 16 specialty blends.
  • Revolutionary “Roast2Cup” processing for extra freshness and premium flavor. You are guaranteed a fresh-brewed cup every time.
  • Crafted with pride in the USA.
  • Compatible with many of the popular single-serve coffee machines.
  • About Brooklyn Bean Roastery


About BBR
We’re three guys from Brooklyn who love coffee. We grew up with an appreciation for quality, originality, and local pride, and we base our company on those values. What we’re saying is: We demand the best of everything and don’t hesitate to tell you what’s what. Brooklyn Beans Roastery is the first independently owned, single-serve coffee company using “Roast2Cup” technology, a process that ensures the best cup of coffee every time you brew. Not your everyday cuppa Joe, see?

Unwavering Quality
Five separate, important quality-control checks are performed with every batch we make:

  • Visual inspection – Only the best coffee beans make the initial cut.
  • Supervisor-monitored grinding – A little secret: if it’s too coarse, it won’t brew properly; if it’s too fine, the coffee gets bitter.
  • Portion quality control – Precisely the right amount is packed to ensure the best brew every time.
  • Filled and sealed pods are individually hand-checked for perfection.
  • Brewed coffee samples are consistently taken for aroma and taste testing checks (we admit, this is our favorite part of the job!).

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