5 (Easy) Tips To Keep Your Home Clean This Fall Season


Check out these five easy tips for keeping your clean home this fall season! We all want a bacteria free house right now. Here’s how you can have one.


You have heard of Spring Cleaning right? Well Fall is the perfect time to give your home a refresh. My husband and I always end up doing work around the house in fall – the weather is cooler, the kids are in school, and it just feels like the right time to do it. I enjoy it too – and I know my family loves the new look of our house as well. Here are some easy tips for you to keep your home feeling fresh and clean in the fall!


Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

These five easy tips are sure to help you keep your home clean this Fall season — or any season for that matter!


Goodbye Shag, Hello Swag

If you’re thinking of taking on a big home improvement project, fall is a great season to make the switch to hardwood floors. And, after a summer of dripping popsicles and damp pool towels tossed in a heap on the carpet, it’s easy to see why. It’s time to make the switch from shag to swag. Today’s consumer has more hardwood than ever before: an estimated four billion square feet of hard surface flooring will be installed in American homes this year! Finished wood and laminates are sleek, trendy and, with the help of Swiffer’s newly reformulated WetJet, easy to care for. Fall is the perfect time to get your swag on for a fresh new look in time for the holidays!

In fact, this fall we are planning on redoing the floors in the kids’ bedrooms. Hardwood will be perfect – we have started the process and cannot wait for it to be finished! We can toss that vacuum to the side and use our new Swiffer WetJet with wood cleaner to clean their rooms – and they are actually looking forward to doing it themselves (score!). I know a lot of people who are thinking about changing their home in other places as well. For example, some people like the idea of getting new bigger windows to help bring more natural light into their home.

If this is something that interests you then you can check out something like Window World Oahu to give you a better idea of how you could improve your house. There are loads of other ways that you can improve your home though, for example, you could get something simple like a new light installed. If this is something that interests you then you might want to take a look at something like this red barn light. However, the decision is up to you.

Hot in Here

Your home endured a lot this summer – 90 days with the AC blasting and windows sealed tight, 7 sleepovers, 5 dog baths and 16 family movie nights. Luckily, Febreze makes it easy to get the inside of your home as crisp as the autumn weather outside. Fabric Refresher effectively eliminates musty odors from your closet and Fido’s stink from your couch. Air Effects blessedly banishes that burnt popcorn smell that has somehow made its way from the microwave to every room in the house.

We are HUGE fans of Febreze. Our youngest is still potty training and has been known to stink up a room or two (if you catch my drift) so we have several bottles of Febreze Air Effects on hand at all times. We also have a pug and a 5 year old – so yea, we value our Febreze!

Food Fumbles

Though nearly half of all Americans admit to embracing the five second rule from time to time*, we can all agree that eating a bagel that has rolled through the muddy footprint in your kitchen is just plain gross. Swiffer WetJet’s newly reformulated solution provides a virtually streak-free shine, leaving your floors so clean you could eat off of them… not that we recommend it!

We have hardwood flooring in our kitchen (which we love) and thank God for Swiffer WetJet! We have been using it in the kitchen and I must say, I would even eat food off the floor near the dog’s food dish (and that says a lot) – I won’t actually do it, but I have seen my husband do it a time or two since using Swiffer!

Carpool Chaos

Nearly half of adults coast to coast say they are embarrassed by the all too familiar stink inhabiting their family’s vehicle*. Use Febreze Car Clips to continuously reset and refresh your minivan after a summer of camping trips, baseball practices and fast food meals on wheels. And to avoid clutter and spills all year long, use a collapsible car organizer to store toys, juice boxes and anything else your munchkins like to snack on in the back seat.

We are an on-the-go family that loves to take road trips in our minivan so yea, we use these Febreze Car Clips! I am sure to always have extras in the glove box just in case. I can’t stand the smell of fast food or stinky workout clothes so these really come in handy. In fact, I have gotten compliments on how nice the van smells from other moms!

Smells of the Season

Changing leaves outside signal changing moods inside. The majority of Americans prefer to update the smell of their home with the changing seasons*, giving them a chance to welcome the shift and reset the mood. Spritz your curtains and couch with the new, woodsy scent of Febreze Fabric Refresher Big Sur to add a touch of autumn to your space.

I love using the Fabric Refresher on my couch and curtains. When we have friends and family visit, they always compliment us on how our home smells. And the autumn scents really get me in the holiday and fall mood! This is one of my favorite tips for a clean home!


About Swiffer

We recently purchased a very old house (about 140 years old) and so the majority of the floors are hardwood – or being restored to hardwood now. We have had a very hard time cleaning our floors because of this. In fact, there is a closet where the previous owner’s litter box for their cat was that we could still not get clean. There was litter dust all over it and no matter how many times I scrubbed, it would just not go away – until we tried the new Swiffer WetJet Mop for Wood Floors! I was so excited by how easily (and quickly) it cleaned up! Just check out the above Before and After photos if you don’t believe me.


When it comes to cleaning, wood floors react differently to cleaning solution than other hard surfaces. When a solution is sprayed on a wooden surface, it beads up instead of spreading out evenly. Beading of the solution can cause streaking and hazing when it is mopped up. I hear that Tomball Pressure Washing Service uses a similar idea for how they approach cleaning the outside of wooden houses. The newly formulated Swiffer WetJet solves for these challenges, providing a quick cleaning system that is proven to be safe on all types of wood floors and deliver breakthrough results. My favorite thing about the Swiffer WetJet is how easily I can change the cleaning pads. They simply stick on, do their thing, and then pull of easily – no shoving them under tabs or pulling off sticky parts.

New & Improved Swiffer WetJet gives you a more thorough clean in just minutes. That’s because the ABSORB + LOCK™ strip helps trap dirt & grime deep in the pad. Swiffer products are available at grocery, retail, home improvement and mass merchandise stores nationwide.

  • New Pad with ABSORB + LOCK™ strip for improved absorption of dirt/grime.
  • New Solution formula for more effective cleaning.
  • Dual-spray nozzle solution dispense for a powerful floor clean.
  • Reinforced handle releases the perfect amount of solution
    with the touch of a finger.
  • Stronger pad attachment keeps your cleaning pad in place
    as you clean.
  • Safe for cleaning virtually every finished wood floor type.


About Febreze

The newest scent, Big Sur, is perfect for Fall. It is vibrant. Citrusy. Spicy. Febreze with Big Sur scent eliminates odors so your home smells like it’s perched on the limb of a sandalwood tree. It’s the perfect balance of jasmine and cherry for all the noses in your family. We love Febreze in our house and use it daily. There are many options to choose from when it comes to Febreze (spoiler, I love them all!). Febreze products are available at grocery, retail, home improvement and mass merchandise stores nationwide.

  • Air Effects: Use in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, that storage shed at back – anywhere odors are lingering in the air or you simply need an instant burst of freshness. Try adding as the final touch to your cleaning routine, and be sure to keep Air Effects on hand for those emergency odiferous situations.
  • Fabric Refresh: Use on hard-to-wash fabrics throughout your home like carpets, furniture, upholstery, bedding, toys, gym bags, and much more. We suggest giving fabrics a weekly refresh (but we won’t blame you if you spray all day, every day!). It’s the perfect topper to your regular cleaning routine (and a great addition to your OMG-my-parents-are-visiting panic-induced cleaning routine).
  • NOTICEables: Use in high-traffic rooms that are in need of continuous odor elimination and layers of guest-ready freshness. Put in any room of your home to eliminate those unwanted odors, and keep your home guest-ready for 45 days.** The best part? No need to spritz or spray… the freshness lasts.
  • Car Vent Clip: Use in virtually every vehicle – mom mobiles, commuter carpools, dog cars – with scents that beg for the windows to stay up. Lasts for up to 30 days, eliminating tough odors that tend to hitch a ride. Too bad they can’t eliminate traffic.
  • Candle: Perfect for small spaces and looks fabulous on any mantle or countertop. Want to add a little more ambiance? Try one in your bathroom, bedroom or living room for a fresh-scented glow. Proven to eliminate those pesky common odors such as pet smells, mustiness, and smoke. Use whenever you want a room to be invitingly fresh.

Do you have tips to keep your home clean? Let me know!


  1. I do a once over once a week (wipe/dust) & then open up a couple of windows to air the place out before the dust settles again.

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  3. Saundra McKenzie on

    I clean every week really good and try to keep it that way during the week. It’s just hubby and I now, so it’s not too bad.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman on

    The best way to keep your house clean is to not fall behind, but dust at least once a week and thoroughly clean every other week.

  5. One thing I do is make sure there is an entrance rug by the back door that opens into the attached garage to get rid of all the nasty stuff on my boyfriends’ work boots

  6. MaryJo Tsitouris on

    I try to keep all the leaves raked up in the yard to keep them from getting tracked in the house. It makes a huge difference! 😉

  7. First off, try not to do everything in one day, best to do one room or two rooms at a time,, Second, wipe things down and throw things out or donate things that are no longer useful to you.. Declutter.. Third, I like using vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice , it does the house great and smells nice to..

  8. elizabeth miller on

    My biggest tip is to start with a big fall clean out just like in the spring. Get it all organized and put up or trashed and it makes it so much easier to just have to dust and vacume and mop.

  9. I clean everyday. Between the kids and the pet hair, it is a full-time job. My tip is clean room-by-room. It is easier to stay on top of the mes that way.

  10. Darlene Ysaguirre on

    Best way for me to keep my home clean is getting everyone to help and make it a group effort saves everyone time and energy if we do it together.

  11. I keep my home clean by having my kids help me out, they help put away their toys when they are done playing and my son loves helping with laundry, dishes, dusting, vacuuming, so it makes it easier to stay on top of the chores with the help from my little ones.

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  13. I have to get myself motivated and clean one room at a time. It’s easier for me to do it that way instead of a bit here and there.

  14. My tip is to take one item out of a room as you leave it. That way trash does not pile up and it is not as overwhelming to clean.

  15. Take down all window treatments clean them and clean all my windows (ugh window cleaning is not my Fav) Clean all my floors carpet and wood. Everything in the house is easy after I get these 2 Bigger chores done!

  16. Leigh Anne Borders on

    My husband is the cleaning guru at our house. He likes to keep things neat by going around and checking everything. He doe sit one room at a time.

  17. I am in a major fall cleaning project right now, it’s going to take me awhile to get everything done and put back to normal again-

  18. Vacuming dusting and doing dishes as a daily routine..Keeps things clean till spring. Heavy duty in spring and in fall.

  19. I keep a couple of good rugs to keep shoes on & to also clean their shoes off so the leaves & dirtfrom outside doesn’t dirty my home up again!

  20. I use my swiffer daily. It picks up more than a regular broom does. When one sides dirty, I flip it over and use the other side.

  21. Nicole Anderson on

    The best tip I can give any mom with multiple children is DELEGATION. We don’t need to be super moms. Plus delegating tasks out to the kids helps to prepare them for their own lives as children and adults. 🙂

  22. Heavy cleaning in Spring and Fall rest of year Daily cleaning to keep it looking nice till Spring and Fall again. Music always helps me to keep moving! Lol!

  23. My tip is to go on a Fall vacation & enjoy the scenery. When you come back tap the heels of your ruby slippers 3 times saying: There’s no place like a clean home!
    You just never know ?

  24. I start at the top of the room, dusting… and finish by sweeping and mopping the floors. I have also been cleaning as I go so things don’t pile up.

  25. In the fall, we generally have more rain, remnants of tropical storms… I lay more mats down near the doors so we don’t track the mud in. And I sweep more often.

  26. Shelley Hopkins-Rigg on

    I sweep and mop daily! Dust every other day due to all the pollen here in fla! Would REALLY love this to help me with my fall cleaning! Being disabled..this would be such a blessing!

  27. I do Heavy Cleaning in the Spring and again in the Fall. The rest of the time I just keep up with my daily housekeeping! This fall is a little deeper Lol! We are remodeling our kitchen painting the walls in the other rooms and putting down new flooring in 2 other rooms. Should be done by Thanksgiving!!

  28. I prefer to do any of my heavy cleaning during the Fall or Spring months. I have a severely disabled Mother and she loves using any of the Febreze and Swiffer products. It makes cleaning so much easier for her. I love them as well.

  29. I sometimes make light or joke of situations when I get frustrated about a lot of the things I can’t do anymore or have trouble doing since I became ill!
    I used to have a spotless house! Now I’ve had to learn how to live with a dusty house – it’s not easy. Plus it’s hard for me to ask for help! So I guess what I am trying to say is do what you can when you can! Believe me the dirt won’t run away ?

  30. We also clean the closets so the summer clothes & things can hibernate all winter. We exchange those clothes for fall/winter clothes until spring rolls around again.

  31. Can’t wait to give these products a try,hope to win! I try to clean as often as I can,as all of us parents know it’s not easy keeping things tidy all the time with kids running around.

  32. Cecilia Pipitone-Oliveto on

    Now that the weather is getting cooler, my fur kids are shedding less so I vacumn and dust once a week and I love having the A/C off and the windows open to freshen the air.

  33. I do My Heavier Cleaning in Spring & Fall. Then I keep up on my daily chores the rest of the time. It works out Great for Me!

  34. I put a boot scrubber right outside the front door so everyone can get the leaves and any mud off of their shoes and boots before coming in.

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