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Thank you Disney Interactive for sending me Marvel Battlegrounds and some figures to check out!

Marvel Battlegrounds

As you might know already, I am a huge gamer as well as a huge Disney and Marvel fan. So Disney Infinity is right up my alley. I have pretty much every single figure and playset from all 3 versions (Disney Infinity, Disney Infinity 2.0, and Disney Infinity 3.0), so I was super bummed to hear that Disney Infinity will be no more after the Alice and Finding Dory playset releases over the next couple of months. I am still holding out hope that it will continue on, but even if it doesn’t, it is a fame I will continue to play with my family for years. It is something that has brought us together for lazy Sundays and fun afternoons. It is something my 4 year old is actually really good at – and she enjoys playing. And my 3 year old just has fun making Elsa run in circles and shoot ice – honestly she could do that for hours and would be happy as a clam.

Marvel Battlegrounds

Recently, Marvel Battlegrounds was released and that really changed how we play. We can actually all 4 battle it out together and have a lot of fun! My 3 year old has beaten me on more than one occasion while I was trying – don’t tell anybody, she just got lucky. I love that our family of 4 can all play in one battle locally – and we have spent hours doing so. One of my favorite things is that I just have to load each character  in to the game once for that session – meaning I place their figure on the Disney Infinity Base and they will remain as a playable character for the entire Versus play session! No switching characters back and forth between each battle. My 4 year old likes to switch her character every time we play, so this is a huge time saver for us. Once you exit, you will have to reload them when you play again, but this only takes me a couple of minutes and I have nearly all the playable characters. My favorite so far to play is Drax – he is kind of slow but REALLY powerful. Vision is a great character too – OK, they all have their pros!

Marvel Battlegrounds

About Marvel Battlegrounds
Evil forces scheme for world conquest as they pit Marvel’s greatest Super Heroes against each other! It’s an all out brawl in Marvel Battlegrounds! Battle opponents in the arena with 4-person local multiplayer and play as ANY 2.0 and 3.0 Disney Infinity Marvel Character!

Check-in each week to access 3 free Marvel characters for unlimited in-game use during that week, and receive a bonus character if you are logged in with a Disney ID account. Discover and master each character’s special abilities and strategize to find out which character will give you the upper hand in your next battle! You can also collect trial tokens awarded through gameplay to unlock characters of your choice at any time! Characters are available for a one week period, so check back each Thursday for a new set of characters!

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