Deadpool Movie Review (+ A Marvel Cameo You Probably Missed)


Deadpool Movie Poster

I went to see Deadpool this weekend and I just loved it. I am a huge Deadpool fan – his comic has been one of my favorites since as long as I can remember. If you read the comics, you know that he is the only comic book character that actually knows he is a comic book character. I love this about him. It makes for great narration and some incredible Deadpool moments.

The film is done in the same way which makes it, well, perfect! And if you know anything about Deadpool then you know Ryan Reynolds was born to portray him. The casting was incredible. The jokes and references were spot on (“McAvoy or Stewart? These time lines are confusing.“) and I couldn’t have been more pleased with this film.

If is not your typical superhero movie because Deadpool is not your typical superhero. I cannot stress enough to not take your young kids to see this. I don’t care how “grownup” you think they are. If my child was under 15 or 16 years old, they would not go see this film.

There is not just a lot of gore and sexual innuendos – there are sex scenes, a strip club scene, and lots of cussing. However, in my opinion, it is done very well. With a pair like TJ Miller (Weasel) and Ryan Reynolds starring, you know you are in for a good time. The entire movie is a joke, in a good way. I don’t think I have laughed this hard throughout a movie in a long time.

Overall though, the characters they chose to be in this film were great – and I for one am looking forward to Deadpool 2.

Will we see Cable? For those of you that are not comic book fans, Deadpool and Cable had a whole series together that spanned several years – and they are the ultimate team. If you want to laugh  your little heart out, go see Deadpool – and do yourself a favor, stay until after the credits.



I know, I promised the Marvel cameo that you probably didn’t notice (no, not Stan Lee). This could be considered a spoiler – however, pretty much only comic book readers will get it. If you read the comics, you know Hydra Bob. He was one of my all time favorite characters in the Deadpool series. He is a total coward and Deadpool manipulates him time and time again in to helping him. They do end up becoming friends however, and I just love their relationship.

Toward the end of this film, when Wade is battling some bad guys, he stumbles across someone he calls “Bob” and states that he had not seen him since TGI Fridays in Jacksonville – I am 99% sure this is supposed to be Hydra Bob! I was so excited and I don’t think anyone else in the theater got the reference besides my husband and I. I am not sure that the studio actually has the rights to Hydra Bob, so that is most likely why they just called him Bob and then move on. Still, pretty amazing.