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I am a strong believer that healthy oral care habits are super important. I have been teaching my girls to brush their teeth at least twice a day (sometimes three if they have a sugary snack). My 2.5 year old is still too young for mouth wash, but my 4 year old uses it every day. Both of them even floss! However, just because I have been teaching them this from the moment they had teeth, doesn’t mean it is always easy for me to have them do it. There are fits, there is fighting, sometimes they even want to share toothbrushes (yuck!). But from the moment I opened up our goodies from Firefly, that all seemed to change. Now they beg me to brush their teeth – and my 4 year old couldn’t be more excited to use her Hello Kitty mouthwash.

star wars firefly

Firefly is the leader in children’s oral care solutions and offers fun toothbrushes in bright colors, with flashing lights and favorite characters that turn brush time into playtime! We received some pretty amazing Star Wars lightsaber and Hello Kitty toothbrushes that my daughters love. These Ready Go toothbrushes are equipped with a 60 second light-up timer which is great because it helps them know how long they need to brush their teeth for. If you didn’t know, the dentist recommended amount is 1 minute for each row of teeth. The Star Wars toothbrushes feature character voices, flashing lights, and galactic sounds. They are seriously so cool. Firefly also has Marvel toothbrushes – would it be strange if I got one for myself?

Firefly    Firefly    Firefly

The Hello Kitty mouthwash comes in an awesome container that is easy for kids to use. It has a pump and just one or two squirts is enough for my little one. It even comes with a cup and a place to store it so there is pretty much no way you can loose it. And that also means not wasting a tiny paper cup every day – so bad for the environment guys. My 4 year old has a blast using this and my 2.5 year old is counting the days until she learns to spit it out rather than swallow it so she can use it too! Firefly even has travel kits – perfect for taking on trips like Disney (only 71 more days until we go back with the girls!). Banish boring brushing and shop Firefly here.

Firefly – Good. Clean. Fun.

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