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My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Quests

Disclosure: Mama Smith’s Review Blog received this item in exchange for her honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% hers.

My Little Pony

My daughters LOVE My Little Pony. I mean, they are beyond obsessed with this show. We have more ponies than I can count in this house and my daughter’s 4th birthday party (which is going to be this weekend) is My Little Pony themed. They know everything about all of the ponies – their cutie marks included. I wish I had recorded their reaction when I gave them this My Little Ponies: Cutie Mark Quests DVD (although the photos capture it well) because they flipped out. I had to open it up and put it on IMMEDIATELY or there were going to be some fits thrown. They loved watching a few of their favorite episodes (and of course loved the bonus sing along as well). I must admit, I am a fan of My Little Pony as well. It is a great family show and I highly recommend it!

My Little Pony   My Little Pony   My Little Pony


Join the Mane 6 and friends for a quest of epic proportions! My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Cutie Mark Quests is coming to DVD on June 30 in the U.S. and Canada from Shout! Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios. In Equestria, being true to yourself is the key to earning your cutie mark. Join Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash—as well as everyone’s favorite Cutie Mark Crusaders, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom—as they journey to find their own Cutie Marks, take on the spirit of chaos and disharmony and visit a village where… everypony has given up their Cutie Marks?! It’s all here in Cutie Mark Quests! My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Cutie Mark Quests carries a suggested list price of $14.98 and is now available for pre-order at and

Episodes Include:

  • The Show Stoppers
  • The Return Of Harmony, Part 1
  • The Return Of Harmony, Part 2
  • Cutie Markless, Part 1
  • Cutie Markless, Part 2