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Disclosure: Mama Smith received an all expense paid trip from Disney/Pixar to attend this event. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.

Kyle MacLachlan

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While in LA, I got the opportunity to sit down with the one and only Kyle Maclachlan. He is the voice of Dad in the new Disney/Pixar movie, Inside Out but you may also know him from Twin Peaks, Sex and the City, How I met Your Mother, and more recently, Agents of Shield. He is an incredible actor and his role in Inside Out is one of his top performances, in my opinion. I just love his character in the film – reminds me of my husband actually – total goofball! Several times his character had me tearing up as well – although I will not tell you when (no spoilers). If you have not yet seen Inside Out, stop reading this, run to the movies, and then come back and finish reading. It is that good – you need to go now! I have seen it twice already and am planning another trip. Disney/Pixar has hit it out of the park again (read my full review here)!


But back to Kyle. He was so kind and down to Earth. He was a lot of fun to sit and talk with, and I saw a lot of “Dad” in him. I can tell that he was channeling his own experiences as a father while voicing Dad in the movie – which he confirmed when asked about it. “It was fun to do this guy because being a Dad myself, I was able to bring a little bit of my relationship with my son in and it was encouraged actually by Pete and Jonas and Ronnie. They wanted my personality so I was happy to try different things. Some worked, most didn’t, but it’s always good to throw them out there.” When we started chatting about social media – Kyle stated that he loves the “one on one” of it. He enjoys fans tweeting him and commenting on his Facebook page – he loves that he can respond and talk with them. So follow him – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Inside Out Dad   Inside Out Dad

Kyle is definitely a joker – he had us all cracking up the entire interview. When asked what identities would be controlling him – his immediate response was that Wino would be one of them (after 6pm of course) – and that coffee would be another. He then went on to seriously answer “They’re pretty much the same. Don’t you think? (Meaning Anger, Joy, Fear, Disgust, and Sadeness) I was thinking to myself what emotion sort of rides gain on me, you know, as the dominant, job I think for me. And I would put underneath that silliness just because that’s just kind of my nature.

Kyle MacLachlan

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I really enjoyed talking about the process of filming animation vs. a live action movie or television show. Kyle said “The process is strange because you’re sitting with a microphone and you don’t have anything visually to work off. Pete would feed me all the information and what was happening in the scene and I would read it and then I had to go into my head and play it out in my head as I was doing it. It was like I was shooting my own little movie as I was saying the words. So walking into the room and sitting down on the edge of the bed and saying things got a little hand – and I was like well now, you start asking questions like would I say that from the doorway or would I knock? So you begin to just put it together in your brain – let me try it this way and then let me try it starting it here. So that was the process which I find fascinating. Most people, I think, would be bored to tears but I love how to interpret those words in the most interesting way. So that’s the difference between doing it in front of the camera where you’re actually just walking through it and you can feel it yourself to just playing it out in your head as you go.

When asked what he thinks that Dads will take away from Inside Out he was pretty dead on. “I think just giving your kids a little bit of space to figure it out would be good. You realize with kids, a lot of it is about timing so if you come to them and you’re prepared to have a nice conversation, deep – they’re not ready. So you have to take them when they’re ready. You have to engage them when they’re ready. That could be at the most inopportune times. 4th Quarter in a great Football Game – you just have to walk away from the Football Game and engage, cause that’s when they’re ready.” For fun, I asked my husband what he took away from the film as we left the theater on Friday and he said almost the same thing. I am so glad that the message is being interpreted as was intended.

Kyle MacLachlan

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During the interview, one of my Twitter followers wanted me to ask Kyle how he got so awesome. He chuckled and said it was a slippery slope – and to blame his parents. He then asked if we all were blogging and tweeting about him and we said yes, we were tweeting him live. He thought that was really cool – and that goes to show how much he loves interacting on social media, as I said before. Another fun question for Kyle was what is the strangest thing he has had on pizza (since broccoli pizza is a big deal in Inside Out) and he stated that he once put a variety of different Mollusks on pizza. They were chewy and it was “challenging” to eat.

Kyle MacLachlan

Photo Credit: Stacy Molter/

One final thing I want to mention about the interview – because I loved it so much – was when Kyle talked about how he now selects roles that he takes on. Not only does he think about the long term and how the character might follow him (and what mood the character might put him in while filming) he also considers the time it will take him away from his family and his son. He mentioned that he hates being away from him – which I totally get having two young girls myself. Kyle is such an amazing father – and he really portrays that through his character of Dad in Inside Out.

Kyle MacLachlan

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  1. I would so love to attend an event like this. My daughter and I are also both going to see this move sometime this weekend or next week while my hubby is on night shift. I know he will watch it with us later on when it is on pay per view or DVD as well but we are not going to wait for that haha. Looking forward to this movie very much!

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