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Are you trying to think of a cute way to store photos and daily activities to pass on to your children when they are older? I know some moms keep calendars and write something on each day, and some send emails to an account they have set up for their kids. Here is what I am doing for my girls.

I started on January 1st, 2014. I bought a recipe box and a bunch of index cards. I wrote the date on 366 cards (do not forget about leap year) but did not include the year. Then, every day, I write the year and a little something about that day. For example, the one shown we were at Disney on vacation. We had gone to Animal Kingdom and my youngest fell in love with Winnie the Pooh. Sometimes the note is something as simple as “It rained today, we sat down and watched Bee Movie.”. More recently, one stated “The world lost a brilliant actor today, Robin Williams passed away.” I try to keep each note to 1-2 lines. Next year, I will go through again, this time writing 2015 instead of 2014. I will do this until each card is filled up.

Some days have photos or other items behind them. One has an activity page that my oldest completed all by herself and another has a coloring page my youngest did. I know that on my oldest first day of school next month, I will be putting a photo behind that card.

I think this will be something fun to look back on when I am older as well as something for the girls to look over with their children, when they are moms. This could also be done not only with kids but for a marriage as well. I love keeping photos and projects and I love that this is an easy way to store them neatly.

Let me know if you plan to do this or how you store keepsakes like this!

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