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The Most Dangerous Game Review (2022 Movie)

The Most Dangerous Game (2022) is easily one of the worst films of the year. With subpar acting, minimal action, and a predictable plot, there is almost nothing about it that is worth watching.

The Most Dangerous Game CT

The Most Dangerous Game is a classic film from 1932 that shocked viewers with twists and turns, but unfortunately the 2022 remake version is not even worth watching. This movie takes the very same plot — the men on a shipwrecked boat find themselves in the midst of a madman hunter on a forgotten island — but somehow takes all the fun out of it.

The Most Dangerous Game movie review 2022

The movie stars (and we use that term loosely) Chris “CT” Tamburello who fans of MTV’s The Challenge will instantly recognize. While he is always a fan favorite on the reality competition series, perhaps he should stick to his day job. That isn’t to say he doesn’t try, because he does, his performance just falls flat. It doesn’t help that those other actors he is surrounded by aren’t much better at all.

The Most Dangerous Game movie review 2022

CT certainly seems like he is made for action movies, and perhaps he is. But this one isn’t it. Honestly a lot of the issues stem from the script. In this movie CT claims he hails from New York, but his signature Boston accent is impossible to miss, making this a bizarre choice from the writers.

There is a lot of messy dialogue that never feels natural — and with subpar delivery from the actors involved, The Most Dangerous Game almost becomes laughable. Like they couldn’t be actually taking themselves seriously, could they?

Movies that are this bad often become cult classics because of how silly and ridiculous they are — but this one won’t fall into that category. It isn’t so bad, it’s good — it’s just bad.

The Most Dangerous Game movie review 2022

Even for those who know nothing about the film, and have never seen the original (which really has held up over time), the story is very predictable. The first thirty minutes where things are set up drag on and on, and when the big twist finally comes around, it isn’t much of a surprise at all. In fact, it is quite annoying how it is handled.

In an effort to avoid spoilers we won’t get in to the details, but just know what could have been a fun manhunt with many people involved ends up being more like an uneven one-on-one fight — that eventually falls flat. The ending of the movie is enough to make those who held on for an epic showdown made enough to throw the remote at the TV, or storm out of the theater furious.

The Most Dangerous Game movie review 2022

Unfortunately the editing doesn’t bring anything to the table either. There are many scenes that end by simply fading to black as if we are watching a made for TV film. This doesn’t do anything for the pacing or the flow of the movie, but rather just adds a few seconds here or there in an already drawn out film. 

The biggest issue though is the lack of action, blood, and gore. There is some, but it is so few and far between that it doesn’t make up for what this movie could have been. 

The Most Dangerous Game movie review 2022

With a plot like this, things should have been a lot more action packed and shocking. Instead viewers are forced to watch very simple kills, that often happen off screen with little to no blood splatter or gore. There are some cool traps that are used, but they don’t add anything to the movie as they are used in the way they should have. 

The Most Dangerous Game could have easily been on par with films like the Predator franchise. A chase, a hunt, and a whole lot of massive action sequences with gnarly murders, and instead it is a mediocre power walk at best.

The Most Dangerous Game CT

Overall, The Most Dangerous Game does not succeed in delivering what the title, and the predecessor, promise. The subpar acting by all, the slow set up, the missing action, and the predictable plot make this one not worth watching at all. It is a shame, because there was such potential that feels squandered by just about every aspect that went into it.

This film is an absolute struggle to get through — props to those who can stay awake and make it all the way to the end.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

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About The Most Dangerous Game

In this remake on the 90th anniversary of the 1932 classic, a father and son on a steamer ship bound for a great hunting expedition in the wilds of Alaska are shipwrecked on a mysterious island.

Greeted warmly by the island’s only resident, the relieved men are wined and dined and talk of hunting ensues. When their host reveals the true nature of his trophy hunts, the stranded men are forced to run for their lives or fight to survive on a desolate island that is a human hunting ground.

The action/adventure film comes to select theaters and Digital on August 5th!