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Disney Seas The Adventure | Disney Wish Show Review

Disney Seas The Adventure is an all new Broadway style show that is performing on the Disney Wish. Here’s our review.

Disney Seas The Adventure Disney Wish Show Review

Disney Seas The Adventure Review

The Disney Wish is the newest ship to join the Disney Cruise Line fleet and along with it comes an all new Broadway style show. Disney Seas the Adventure tells a new story that focuses on everyone’s favorite clumsy Disney dog — Goofy! In this show he finds his way to becoming a great Captain, with the help of many fan favorite Disney characters along the way. 

What works best with this show is that it is completely new and unique. While many of the Broadway style shows onboard the Disney Cruise ships focus on popular Disney stories, this one is something we have never heard before. With many different characters lending their own voices to the show, this is a collection of many favorites, but also allows for something exciting and fresh to be told. 

This is the perfect kick off to your cruise, as it is the first night show. It mentions that we have just set sail and works in the story to feel immersive and believable. There are tons of great characters that make appearances, such as Moana, Elsa, and Merida. But it is the important life lessons about believing in yourself and others that are the most touching. 

The new songs and dance numbers in Disney Seas The Adventure are catchy and an absolute joy to watch. It is easy to become invested in the story, and with a runtime of just thirty minutes, it flies by! The cast members that are a part of this show do a great job of embodying the characters that they portray so much so that the audience will feel like they are in a Disney movie of their own.

Bring tissues with you because if you are a life long Disney fan, you are sure to be shedding a few tears.

Another show featured on the Disney Wish is The Little Mermaid.

Disney Seas The Adventure Disney Wish Show Review

About Disney Seas The Adventure

When Captain Minnie hands the helm over to her dear friend Goofy, a heartwarming tale filled with song unfolds.

Sailing in uncharted waters, Goofy sets out on a journey to find his own inner captain. Follow him along the way as he encounters a bevy of bold, brave and brilliant friends who encourage him to lead with his heart through rousing renditions of iconic Disney songs.

Tiana from the Disney animation film The Princess and the Frog teaches Goofy the power of making dreams come true through hard work during a lively performance of “Almost There.”

Crush and Squirt—the tubular turtles from the Pixar animation film Finding Nemo—show Goofy how to “Go with the Flow” in a high-energy production of the song from the musical adaptation of film at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

And in an original arrangement exclusive to this show, heroines Elsa, Moana and Merida perform a powerful medley of “Into the Unknown,” “How Far I’ll Go” and “Touch the Sky,” emboldening Goofy to go into the unknown.

When Goofy loses his way and self-doubt takes hold once again, he gains the courage to “Go the Distance” with the help of Hercules and a host of other Disney heroes.

The rousing adventure culminates with a cavalcade of Characters joining Captain Minnie and Goofy on stage before leading Guests out of the magnificent Walt Disney Theatre and into the Grand Hall for an unforgettable sendoff experience—the ultimate “kiss goodnight” to close your first day on board the enchanting Disney Wish.

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