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Employee Of The Month Review

Employee of the month is a fun dark comedy that whizzes by thanks to its short runtime. It isn’t perfect, but it’s perfectly enjoyable.

employee of the month review 2022 movie

For those who enjoy a fun, dark comedy, Employee of the Month is for you. This French film provides subtitles for those who don’t speak the language, but not much of the comedic timing and tone is lost, which says a lot when it comes to foreign films. 

The story starts with Ines, who has worked tirelessly for years and is tasked with mentoring a new trainee, Melody. When she goes to her boss Patrick to ask for a raise, thinking that she truly deserves it, he forces himself on her to help her “earn” it (Yes, trigger warning here for those who have been abused this way in the past). Melody bursts in to help her, being a past victim herself, and accidentally hurts Patrick. 

What follows is a lot of bloody fun, but also some unexpected emotional moments. Ines and Melody bond over the course of the next few hours, largely in part due to the length they need to go to in order to protect their secret. The two continuously dig the whole deeper and deeper, but in a way that is fun and entertaining, versus aggravating, for the viewer. 

Employee of the Month is not perfect. It veers too far off the path at times, and at others it just doesn’t make sense when decisions are made. Some of the dialogue gets cheesy, but this could also be due to something getting lost in translation along the way. 

The effects aren’t great, but it is nice that they are practical and not CGI. This is normal for Indie films like this, and makes the ones that don’t work excusable. 

Overall, however, it really is a blast. This is mostly because of the two leads actresses, Jasmina Douieb (who plays Ines) and Laetitia Mampaka (who plays Melody). They have a great on screen chemistry, and it is clear they had a lot of fun making this movie together. Even with subtitles to read, the comedy strikes a funny bone more often than not. It becomes a running joke of just how much worse things can get. And in the end, you really can’t help but side with Ines’ choices, at least for the most part. 

Because Employee of the Month is just over an hour, it flies by, which allows the pace and plot to keep right on trucking, and keeps the audience entertained throughout. For those who enjoy a dark comedy, with Sean of the Dead type humor, it is certainly worth the watch.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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employee of the month review 2022 movie

About Employee of the Month

Middle-aged Ines is a diligent worker at EcoCleanPro, a company that sells cleaning products. She is reliable and eager to please, and is always at the beck and call of her boss Patrick. Ines is tasked with mentoring young trainee Melody – whose mother used to work at the company – and she embraces her mentoring role to the sarcastic, closed-off Melody. However, while Ines treats her work seriously, her male co-workers and her boss Patrick consistently belittle her, ordering her to do menial tasks.

With her patience running out, Ines meets with Patrick to ask him for a raise, and he proceeds to not only disparage her request, but also grab her violently and assault her. Ines pushes him away as Melody walks into the office, and an accidental violent incident is committed. Melody is now complicit in Ines’ crime, and both women must decide how to cover their tracks and clean up their mess

Employee of the Month played during the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival and Fantasia 2022.