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30+ of the Best The Wheel Of Time Quotes From Season 1

The Wheel Of Time is a new series based off of the incredibly popular books, and it is filled with powerful and inspiring quotes. Here are the best The Wheel of Time quotes.

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The Wheel Of Time Quotes

The Wheel of Time books have a lot of powerful and inspiring quotes in them, and now so does the new Prime Video series. Inspired by the books, but still working to be its own thing, the series takes viewers into a fantasy world that they will become immersed in. Chances are, many who have not read the books yet, will be picking them up by the time season one ends. Here is collection of the best The Wheel of Time quotes that will inspire them to do just that.

As always, we try to keep these spoiler free by not attaching names to the quotes, but as you go further down the list, the more spoilery the list can become.

“The world is broken.”

“Many, many years ago men who were born with great power believed they could cage darkness itself. The arrogance.”

“The women of the Aes Sedai were left to pick up the pieces.”

“The man who brought the breaking of the world. Him, they named Dragon.”

“The only thing we know for certain is that this child is coming of age now and we must find them before the Dark does.”

the wheel of time quotes

The Wheel Of Time quotes continued…

“You think it’s one of them? Which one?”

“My kids running through these woods, just like I did.”

“You need to get out of here.”

“They’re here for the same reason as I am. For you.”

“Yet still she saw. Glimpses of the turning of the wheel.”

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the wheel of time review

The Wheel Of Time quotes continued…

“The Dark One is waiting. His whispers are already in the backs of our minds.”

“There will be one who can stand against him. The Dragon has been born again.”

“They will follow you and if you stay here, this is where they will come.”

“There’s no time. We leave now.”

“The Wheel Of Time turns, and ages come and pass leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth and even myth is long forgotten when the age that gave it birth comes again.”

the wheel of time review

The Wheel Of Time quotes continued…

“Never use the one power as a weapon.”

“The last battle is coming. The only thing that matters is what you do.”

“I didn’t choose this path, but I will follow it.”

“The old blood runs deep in those mountains.”

“Your life isn’t going to be what you thought.”

“Whatever happens now, there’s no turning back.”

the wheel of time review

The Wheel Of Time quotes continued…

“Our enemies are everywhere. They will leave no one standing.”

“We’ve lost too many people already. I can’t lose you.”

“If we do not stop the Dark One now, the whole world will but. I can’t allow it.”

“The wheel weaves as the wheel wills.”

“We protect the people we love. No matter the cost.”

“You’ve fully lost your mind.”

the wheel of time review

The Wheel Of Time quotes continued…

“No matter what happens, all the pain we face, the heartbreak, the wheel keeps turning.”

“The dark one is coming for your friends.”

“Swear your oath, Moiraine Aes Sedai.”

“Do you think we will ever go home again?”

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About The Wheel of Time

The lives of five young villagers change forever when a strange and powerful woman arrives, claiming one of them is the child of an ancient prophecy with the power to tip the balance between Light and Dark forever. They must choose whether to trust this stranger – and each other – with the fate of the world before the Dark One breaks out of His prison, and the Last Battle begins.

Based on Robert Jordan’s best-selling fantasy novels, The Wheel of Time was adapted for television by executive producer/showrunner Rafe Judkins. Larry Mondragon and Rick Selvage of iwot productions, Mike Weber, Ted Field of Radar Pictures, Darren Lemke, Marigo Kehoe, and Uta Briesewitz will also serve as executive producers, with Briesewitz set to direct the first two episodes. Rosamund Pike will serve as producer and Harriet McDougal and Brandon Sanderson as consulting producers.

The Wheel of Time is co-produced by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television.

The Wheel of Time Season 1 comes to Amazon on November 19th.