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DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review

DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10 brings the new Green Lantern back into the show, but ends in a heartbreaking twist.

DC's Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10

DC’s Stargirl — “Summer School: Chapter Ten” — Pictured (L-R): Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan, Ysa Penarejo as Jennie and Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore — Photo: Boris Martin/The CW– © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Below is a recap and review of DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10. Be warned, there will be spoilers. So if you have not yet seen the episode and want to remain in the dark about it, come back later. Check out this recap and review of DC’s Stargirl Season Season 2 Episode 9.

Warning: Spoilers for DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10.

Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10 starts right off in the past with Pat and Starman talking. Starman is telling a story that explains how much Pat means to him, and that he is more than a friend, he is like a brother to him. He apologizes for taking Pat with him when he went to kill Bruce, saying he really thought he would find a better way because the JSA always does. Starman says that he hopes this doesn’t ruin their chosen family, but he fears it will. 

Back in the present, Courtney is arguing with Pat and Barbara about having lied to her about what the JSA did to get rid of Eclipso. The Shade suddenly appears in their kitchen and it is clear he is still very hurt. He crashes to the ground and his holding his stomach but still manages to joke that it is not his best entrance. Courtney says that she thought he was immortal and couldn’t die to which he replies there is an exception to every rule.

DC's Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10

DC’s Stargirl — “Summer School: Chapter Ten” — Pictured (L-R): Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore and Trae Romano as Mike Dugan — Photo: Boris Martin/The CW– © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Shade tells them that since Eclipso tortured their friends, and him, he will tell them how to defeat him. Courtney wonders how this is possible since he does not have a host this time, and is free. Shade explains that he is only free as long as the Black Diamond remains shattered. In order to stop Eclipso they need to fuse the diamond back together, being careful to have no direct contact with it, and he will be sucked inside. 

Pat is worried that Shade is trying to double cross them because he blames him for the JSA crossing the line with Bruce Gordon. Shade explains that he only spoke the truth to Starman back in the day, and that he is telling the truth again now. 

DC's Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10

DC’s Stargirl — “Summer School: Chapter Ten” — Pictured (L-R): Anjelika Washington as Beth Chapel and Amy Smart as Barbara Whitmore — Photo: Boris Martin/The CW– © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

At Beth’s house she is talking to her parents and they continue to ask her about the goggles. She tells them that they help her see what is real, and that she doesn’t want to talk about it. They are clearly concerned for her and even ask to take her to the hospital, but the goggles speak to her and she tells them she needs to leave, heading to Courtney’s house.

Pat and Courtney know that they need to go find Jenny, who fans say at the beginning of the season. She is the daughter of Green Lantern and he thinks she will be able to put the diamond back together. Mike says that he is worried about him and Barbara being left alone with The Shade, and even mentions that the diamond can do things without Eclipso inside of it — like turn into leeches. Courtney says they are not leaving them alone, and that Beth is coming to help protect them. 

On the way to get Jenny, Pat and Courtney have a conversation about him keeping what the JSA did from her. He explains that there was a vote and that the team was scared their loved ones would get hurt. They felt they were all out of options when they did what they did, and Pat, well he regrets not stopping them anyways. 

Courtney explains that a lot of damage was done by them not knowing the truth, specifically that Yolando would have known she was not the first JSA member to take a life, and perhaps she would have not quit — or at least wouldn’t have felt so alone.

Viewers get a quick glimpse at Rick in jail, and Grundy is outside his window putting apples in it. Providing Rick food like Rick did for him. This a sweet way to show that Grundy cares for Rick, and considers him a friend.

At Courtney’s house Doctor McNider is able to make a clear connection to Beth through the goggles and the two have a conversation that reveals something long suspected by most viewers — The Shade is not as bad as they think the is. He explains that he imagines The Shade was trying to pull him to safety when he accidentally sucked him into the shadow world. He knows that The Shade never wanted to kill the JSA members. 

When Beth asks how The Shade even got his powers, Charles explains that he was a a con man and thief in the 1800s and was hired to find the Black Diamond. He had a forgery made for a cabal called the Men of Tears who had heard the story about the lost island and ritual to summon a powerful god from the shadow world.

Their plan was to trap the god in order to destroy their enemies. Their ritual required a sacrifice and so instead of paying The Shade, they decides to kill him instead. However, since the diamond was a fake it only opened a doorway to the shadow realm and the diamond couldn’t contain it. It went into The Shade instead, forcing him to become the vessel.

Beth thinks that perhaps The Shade will be able to bring Charles back from the shadow world, and asks him to unlock the file on Eclipso so they can do some research.

DC's Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10

DC’s Stargirl — “Summer School: Chapter Ten”  — Pictured (L-R): Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore and Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan — Photo: Boris Martin/The CW– © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Pat and Courtney finally arrive at their destination — the workspace he shared with Starman. He says each of the members had one and this was theirs. Courtney walks around the shop, taking it all in, and looking at the JSA memorabilia. Pat says that the meeting room is upstairs, and he imagines this is where Jenny has been staying. Courtney finds some food wrappers and papers about Todd Rice, Jenny’s brother.

The papers give an address and they rush off to see if Jenny is there. Turns out it is a rehabilitation center. They go inside to find Todd and while Jenny is there, Todd is not. Jenny explains that her powers are out of control. She is looking for her brother and his adoption file is sealed. When she tried to find it her emotions got the better of her and she started some fires. Courtney and Pat tell her that they are there for her. 

Jenny has discovered that her brother was arrested for shoplifting and ended up in the rehab center. Then he disappeared. She can sense that he needs her, and is willing to do anything to find him. As the three of them leave the center, one of the employees – Louise Love, Head Nurse – makes a phone call. She asks if he knew that Todd Rice has a sister, and says not to worry, she told them Todd was not there.

DC's Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10

DC’s Stargirl — “Summer School: Chapter Ten” — Pictured: Ysa Penarejo as Jennie — Photo: Boris Martin/The CW– © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Meanwhile, Mike sneaks out of the house to go to the garage and work on S.T.R.I.P.E. Once he gets the radio working he hears that there is pink lightening spreading across the sky and he knows it must be the new owner of Thunderbolt. Mike grabs his bike and rides out to where the lightening was sighted to find a house made of candy.

Back at Pat and Starman’s workshop, he opens up the cloth containing the pieces of the diamond. Jenny uses her powers and the ring to try to forge the pieces back together and as it starts to work, The Shade also wakes up, and Beth reads something that has her very concerned. She tells Barbara that The Shade lied to them, restoring the diamond will not kill Eclipso, but will rather reconnect their world with this shadow world and allowing him to access his powers again. 

Up pops are much better Shade from the couch — newly healed and as good as new. I he says he is so very sorry to have deceived them and then disappears in to the shadows. Beth says that restoring it does not trap Eclipso at all, but rather summons him. Just then Eclipso shows up in the workshop and knocks Pat out. Courtney has her staff but it is still not working. Jenny steps in with her ring and surprises Eclipso by stopping him for a brief moment. 

Eclipso yells “to the shadows with you” and sucks Courtney into the shadow world. Pat tries to stop her from disappearing, but fails. 

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