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A Mouthful of Air Review: Unafraid To Highlight Depression

A Mouthful Of Air is a film that is completely unafraid to dive into what depression really looks like. And it isn’t pretty.

a mouthful of air movie review

A Mouthful Of Air is completely unafraid to dive into the reality of depression. There are many people in the world who battle depression every day, and with the main character of this film, Julie, doing just that, it brings much needed attention to it. Showcasing her ups and downs, her highs and lows, and the emptiness that she feels at times is important. People need to know they are not alone, and this movie helps with that.

Julie, played by Amanda Seyfried, battles depression in A Mouthful Of Air and things get very, very real. Not only do we see her struggles, but we see the struggle of those around her. Her husband Ethan (Finn Wittrock), her mother, her sister-in-law — everyone. It becomes clear very early on that she has already attempted to take her own life, and is now on anti-depressants. But when she becomes pregnant for the second time and decides to go off her medication, things get dark. 

a mouthful of air movie review

What Works With A Mouthful Of Air

Amanda Seyfried does a great job portraying someone who is hurting so deeply, and trying to hold it all together. Her facial expressions and mannerisms make her struggle a believable one. She is by far the best part of the film, and it is hard to not be captivated by her, and feel for her. She is a writer of children’s books and at times she tries so hard to focus on that, and not how she is feeling inside.

One scene in particular, with her sister-in-law, is sure to bring to tears to most viewers eyes. It shows just how powerful something as simple as a hug is. Julie is a strong woman, who wants to badly to be present, and be there for her family. She tries desperately to do that.

Of course the most important thing about this movie is the lessons that it teaches about depression, and the fact that it is unafraid to shy away from the real side of it. At one point Ethan tells Julie that he isn’t allowed to get mad at her anymore, for fear that she will hurt herself. That is one of the most powerful lines in the movie which she follows up with “that isn’t fair.”

a mouthful of air movie review

What Doesn’t Work With A Mouthful Of Air

While there are certainly some things to love about this movie, it is not perfect. Even at an hour and 45 minutes it feels long. There are some pacing issues and it drags in the middle quite a bit. Due to the subject nature this is a heavy movie, and is sure in evoke a lot of emotions from viewers, so wrapping it up a bit quicker would have been ideal. Still, there is a lot of story to tell here, and to fully understand Julie it is important to go on this journey with her.

Because of where this movie starts off, it is hard to fully believe that the relationship that Julie and Ethan have. While there are glimpses of good moments, there just isn’t a lot of chemistry between the two leads. This is likely due to the writing, and the fact that he kind of resents her after her suicide attempt. Unfortunately this does take away from the film and the story a little bit.

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a mouthful of air movie review

Overall Thoughts

A Mouthful Of Air has its pros and cons but the most important thing is the lesson it teaches about depression. Viewers who suffer from it themselves, or have someone in their life who does, can likely relate to one of the main characters. This movie is heart wrenching at times, so be sure to have tissues on hand should you need them.

While it is slow and a bit predictable, overall this movie is a must watch because of the nature of it all. It is so very real, so very raw, and ultimately something everyone should watch. Depression has been talked down and pushed to the side for far too long. Hopefully A Mouthful Of Air will open up many conversations and those suffering will not feel embarrassed to admit it and reach out for help.

a mouthful of air movie poster

About A Mouthful Of Air

Julie Davis, warm, kind, loving to her husband and child, is a bestselling children’s author. While her books deal with unlocking childhood fears, she has yet to unlock the dark secret that has haunted her own life. But when her second child is born, events occur that bring that secret to the fore, and with it, a crushing, powerful battle to survive.

A Mouthful Of Air hits theaters on October 29th.