Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 1×3 Recap & Review (SPOILERS)


WandaVision sure takes it up a notch in episode 3 as we start to get some answers, but also a whole lot more questions.

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The first two episodes of WandaVision introduce us to this crazy sitcom world that Wanda and Vision are living in — and episode 3 continues that as we hit the 70s. This episode takes a lot of inspiration from 70s sitcoms like The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family. Marvel is so good at getting the details right, which is why this show really, really works — even though is sounds like it could be hit or miss.

As it continues on with their story, we get more and more indications that something just isn’t right. There are some answers that we get, but honestly we just end with more questions in WandaVision episode 3. And that cliffhanger ending! I need more! 

Below is my full recap and review of WandaVision episode 3 but be warned, there are spoilers ahead. So if you have not yet watched this episode, best to come back later.

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WARNING: Spoilers for Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 3

We are now into the 70s in WandaVision land so of course the intro has a sort of The Brady Bunch feel to it. I wasn’t positive at first, but then once I saw the house and new living room (love that they switch it up every episode) I knew that had to be the inspiration. 

The episode opens up with a doctor checking Wanda’s stomach and confirms that yes, she is indeed pregnant. Vision asks how it happened and the doctor goes into a birds and the bees speech, which is hilarious. The doctor let’s Wanda know she is about four month pregnant. 

This concerns Vision because, as he even mentions, this really happened overnight — about 12 hours ago to be exact. Vision walks the doctor out and Wanda is seen rubbing her belly and looking very excited! Vision asks the doctor to keep everything hush hush. Herb is their neighbor now and when Vision talks to him, he cuts right into the wall with the weedwhacker — and seems to not even notice.

When Vision comes back inside Wanda has seemingly gotten even bigger! Cut to them decorating the babies room and they already have two cribs out. Although it seems like one is for a boy, and one for a girl — since they don’t know what they are having. 

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As Vision reads up on parenting and Wanda decorates, she feels a kick and mentions that it is a little fluttery. Just then the butterfly mobile turns to real butterflies and she mentions was that her? Because she didn’t mean to do it. Could this be her children having powers while inside her? Or is she using her magic without knowing?

Vision checks the book and realizes that this pregnancy is indeed moving a long quickly. First kick means she is about 6 months. At this rate they will be having the twins by the end of the episode. Vision kisses Wanda’s belly saying he cannot wait to meet little Billy. To which Wanda replies she was thinking Tommy. These are their children’s’ names in the comic books, so this was exciting to hear.

Vision does some calculations and then realizes that Wanda is due in just three days. They rush to get ready for the baby and Vision starts practicing changing diapers. Wanda then starts getting Braxton Hicks contractions proving this pregnancy is progressing quickly. During these contractions things start to go crazy in the kitchen, which seems to prove that this is being caused by her pregnancy. 

All of a sudden Wanda seems to be having a real contractions now and Vision discovers he may have miscalculated. Her water breaks and it literally starts raining in the house when it does.

Cut to another “commercial” break, featuring the same woman from the previous two. This time it is for Hydra Soak Luxury Bath Powder. Complete with the Hydra symbol on the packaging! 

When we return Vision rushes out of the house to see what he can do about getting a doctor there and the doorbell rings. It is Geraldine and she is asking to borrow a bucket stating all her pipes burst in her ceiling at the same time. It seems that everything that happens in Wanda and Vision’s house is happening to their neighbors as well. Wanda is trying very hard to cover up her belly first using a coat, that keeps changing with every contraction, and then with a bowl of fruit.

As Geraldine tells Wanda a story all sorts of crazy stuff with a Stork is going on behind her. Wanda is trying to act normal through contractions, and all the distractions that Geraldine just doesn’t seem to be noticing. Geraldine’s story ends with the fact that she was given a promotion and then she walks into the spare room and discovers the cribs. 

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Just then Wanda goes into labor and everything in the house is going nuts because of her powers. Meanwhile Vision has gotten the doctor and is rushing him back into the house. Geraldine is telling Wanda to push and it seems Vision is going to miss the birth of his child. 

Out comes the first baby boy and then Vision comes home, sad that he missed the birth. The doctor and Geraldine head to the kitchen and Wanda asks Vision if he wants to meet his son as himself. So he changes from his human disguise and takes the boy. Wanda suggest the name Tommy, and Vision agrees. Just then she starts screaming again — another kid is coming — who they name William, of course. 

The doctor was supposed the be going on a trip and when Vision walks him out he mentions they won’t be going, and that small towns are hard to escape. On his way back inside he sees Agnes and Herb whispering suspiciously. Things are getting much weirder in Westview. Agnes asks Vision if Geraldine is inside the house with Wanda, and he says yes. 

Then Wanda remembers that she had a brother named Pietro. It seems things are really starting to come back to her. Geraldine gets this weird look on her face and then adds “he was killed by Ultron, wasn’t he?” This fake reality is starting to crumble. Wanda tells her she should leave and we then notice that Geraldine is wearing a necklace with that same S.W.O.R.D. symbol.

Outside Agnes, Herb, and Wanda are discussing Geraldine and Agnes mentions that she is new in town and doesn’t even have a home. Herb tries to say something a few times, that Geraldine came because they are all… but Agnes cuts him off and tells him to stop. Then she leaves. Herb then walks away. Vision comes inside asking where Geraldine is and Wanda says she rushed home with a very creepy look on her face.

Cut to the Welcome to Westview sign and we see Geraldine fall from the sky as a helicopter and vans rush to her. It looks like quite the operation and it is clear that Westview is inside some sort of forcefield. 

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Overall Thoughts

I love stepping into the 70s with Wanda and Vision — what an episode! It is amazing how well Marvel is doing at making each and every episode feel like a certain sitcom. You know within minutes which one it is taking inspiration from and that never dwindles as the episode goes on. From the look of the set, to the introductions — even the jokes and the way the characters are acting. Chef’s kiss of perfection.

This episode is INSANE because while we get answers to some questions, especially at the end, we get a whole lot more questions. The second it ended I was dying for more. I feel like the next episode is going to hopefully bring some more light to everything, although I don’t suspect any real answers until the final few episodes.

Episode 3 gives us a whole lot of answers, but also a whole lot more questions. This is where the show really starts to get incredible.

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