Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 1×2 Recap & Review (SPOILERS)


Episode 2 of WandaVision follows along the same footsteps as the first one and gives off a super sitcom feel — here is my recap and review.

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The first episode of WandaVision was exactly what I expected it to be — a hilarious sitcom type show that felt very weird, but very fun. Episode 2 of WandaVision follows along those same footsteps. Sitcom humor and mishaps, but also some really fun Marvel Easter Eggs

This feels like a very random show that is likely to tie into some major things in the MCU, eventually. Here is my recap and review for Marvel’s WandaVision episode 2. Keep in mind I discuss the entire episode in detail so there are major spoilers to follow. If you have not yet seen this episode, I suggest coming back after you have watched it.

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WARNING: Spoilers for Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 2

This episode starts off again with that very sitcom type feel as Wanda and Vision are sleeping in separate twin beds. Wanda is woken up by a strange noise so of course she wakes Vision up as well. He checks and sees nothing, but then is startled but a noise after he looks away from the window. 

Vision mentions that he overheard some people at work talking about a few “unsavory” characters circling the block and she suggests maybe they were talking about them. The noise happens again and Wanda uses her magic to bring the beds next to each other. The two try to discuss who will go check on the noise and Wanda ends up using her magic to open the curtains and they see a branch scrapping the window.

Vision mentions her redecorating and she uses her magic again to make their two beds one bed. He then winks and says to get to the light, and the two disappear under the covers. Then we get a different intro from the first one. This one is cartoon style and very much like Bewitched — another fantastic older sitcom.

When it comes back we get Vision practicing magic. Like as in, being a magician. He is putting Wanda in a cabinet and making her disappear. Turns out they are practicing for a fundraiser in town and they want to do their part to participate.

After Vision leaves, Wanda hears another noise. When she goes outside she discovers a toy helicopter that it is in color, not black and white. It is the Iron Man colors, which you know made me happy. It also has the S.W.O.R.D. symbol on it, just like the notebook in the previous episode. S.W.O.R.D. is basically space S.H.I.E.L.D. and I am HYPED that they may be brought in eventually. 

Agnes shows up with her rabbit and startles Wanda, who quickly hides the helicopter. Her rabbit is for the magic show of course. She puts him in the house and they head off together to a committee meeting for the fundraiser. Before they go in, Agnes tells Wanda that if she makes a good impression, this could really set her up for a good future in the neighborhood.

The committee meeting is more or less uneventful except for the introduction of Teyonah Parris, who says her name is Geraldine but we already know she is playing grown up Monica Rambeau.

Cut to Vision who is at a neighborhood watch meeting. He shows up to discuss what they are doing about burglary but quickly discovers that they are just there to gossip. When offered a stick of gum he takes it, and then someone pats him on the back and he swallows it. We get a fun little cartoon showing the gum going down into his stomach and sticking his gears together.

Back to Wanda and she is cleaning up the luncheon for Dotty. She says she feels like they got off on the wrong foot and Dotty says that she has heard things about her and her husband. Wanda says she isn’t sure what she has heard, but assures her that she means no harm.

Dotty says she doesn’t believe her and then the radio starts playing “Help Me Wanda” randomly. But it cuts into a male voice, who I think is Jimmy Woo, calling for Wanda and saying “who is doing this to you?“. Just then the radio breaks and Dotty squeezes the glass she is holding that breaks. Her blood is red, not black and white.

Then another commercial — involving the same couple from the toaster commercial I might add — and is for Strucker watch, which has to be a nod to Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

When the commercial break is over, it is time for the fundraiser. Vision is late and all messed up because of his internal gear sticking from the gum. It appears that he is drunk, which makes for a really fun magic show. Especially because he decides to actually start using his powers, and with each one Wanda uses hers to make it an obvious illusion instead.

After their performance, which ends up being a hit, Wanda scans Vision and realizes why he is acting so strange. We get another quick little cartoon as she gets the gum out of his gears. They end up winning the award for best comedy performance of the year.

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When they arrive home, Wanda suddenly appears pregnant. She asks Vision if it is really happening and he replies that yes it is. They are about to kiss and then they hear a noise again. They go outside and see a sewer drain cover moving around.

Someone climbs out who is in a beekeeper suit, surrounded by bees. The back of the suit has that same symbol on it, the S.W.O.R.D. symbol. He menacingly glares at them and she simply whispers “no.” Time rewinds back to them in the living room after she becomes pregnant. They kiss, and Vision’s face turns to color. Then, everything becomes color as they look around the room and The End appears on the screen. 

Then we quickly hear “Wanda, whose doing this Wanda?” again.


Overall Thoughts

WandaVision episode 2 is for sure better than episode 1. We get a lot more mystery, but still a whole lot of humor. The sitcom feel is still, most definitely there. At the end of the episode we finally move to color which has me really excited for the future of this series. 

I know most people will be watching the first two episodes together and I think they flow really well together. They give a great start to this very bizarre, but super fun, show. Just as we all knew from the trailer there is something strange going on here, and it is not reality. Something is being done to Wanda, but she seems to be fighting it. 

I am also a huge fan of the fact that she shows off just how powerful she is. Just by uttering the word “no” she rewinds what she didn’t want to happen. Seems a lot like House of M’s “no more mutants” and I am here for it. I cannot wait to discover what S.W.O.R.D. has to do with all this, and what new characters this might bring into the MCU!

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