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Two of Us (Deux) Review: Is This Movie Worth A Watch?

Two Of Us is a heartbreaking love story of two retired woman that is sure to hit you right in the gut — so is it worth a watch?

Two Of Us Movie review

The synopsis for Two Of Us intrigued me, but did not prepare me fully for what I was about to watch. I knew that with subtitles, this was a movie I was going to have to pay close attention to. But I never expected to be so sucked into that I would be in this world with Nina and Madeleine for an hour and a half. Time flew by as I watched it, and lived through their heartbreaking story with them. I laughed with them, shed tears for them, and wanted to scream for them. 

Two Of Us is a story about two retired women who are deeply in love. However, Madeleine’s family does not know this secret that she has been keeping for years. When something awful happens, Nina is forced to spend time away from her love, but tries everything in her power to correct this.

Two Of Us Movie

They live across the hall from each other in an apartment building. At the start of this movie their doors are always open to one another so that they can walk freely from apartment to apartment, and enjoy their life together. But when tragedy strikes, those doors remain closed, which shows the pain that they are going through. Being closed off to one another, when they want anything but. 

The three main actresses come together to create some amazing chemistry on the screen. Barbara Sukowa who plays Nina, Martine Chevallier who plays Madeleine Girard, and Léa Drucker who plays Anne (Madeleine’s daughter). There is a roller coaster of emotions between each and every one of these ladies, and their performances are award worthy. The passion that they all expressed in moments of love, anger, and heartbreak are simply incredible.

I have to admit that sometimes I find having to read subtitles distracting, but that didn’t happen with Two Of Us. I was in this movie with two feet right from the start and having to read the words almost made me feel them even deeper. This movie warmed my heart and broke it, all at the same time. 

Two Of Us Movie review

Overall Thoughts

I am wracking my brain to come up with something to dislike about this film and having the hardest time doing it. If anything it is a little slow at parts, and the role of the caretaker annoyed me more than added to the story. However, I do see why she was included in this film, as a bit of an antagonist for Nina. But she isn’t completely necessary in my opinion.

The way that the two of these women suffered was absolutely heartbreaking. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to realize that you don’t care what others thing of you, and you just want to be yourself. I feel that this is a bit of the message of the film. It also shows that you can be extremely close to someone and still not see the most important thing in their life, which is the case for Madeleine’s daughter. 

There are several moments in this movie that ripped my heart out. I became completely invested in this relationship, and wanted all good things for them. By the end, I was a sobbing mess. This movie is more than worth a watch. It is beautiful, touching, and heartbreaking all at once. 

Two Of Us Movie Poster

About Two Of Us

Two retired women, Nina and Madeleine, have been secretly in love for decades. Everybody, including Madeleine’s family, thinks they are simply neighbors, sharing the top floor of their building. They come and go between their two apartments, enjoying the affection and pleasures of daily life together, until an unforeseen event turns their relationship upside down and leads Madeleine’s daughter to gradually unravel the truth about them.

TWO OF US is available in virtual cinemas and VoD on February 5, 2021.

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