Netflix’s Outside The Wire Review: Is It Worth A Watch?


Outside The Wire is the mix of an action packed war film and a sci-fi movie — how does this combination work and is it worth a watch?

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When I first saw the trailer for Outside The Wire, I was intrigued. Anthony Mackie is a big draw of course, but I also like war movies. Throw in a little sci-fi in there and that is right up my alley. So did I get exactly what I was hoping for when I tuned in? No. Not really. That being said this movie isn’t a total disappointment. There are just some things they could have done better. 

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What Worked With Outside The Wire

Let’s start with what I think worked in this film. Being a fan of war movies, I have to admit the action is pretty great in this movie. It feels constant enough and it keeps you on your toes. There are some gore moments where I had to look away, and honestly, I loved that about it. If you know me, you know how I feel about gore — I think every movie should find a way to sneak it in!

The story line is also rather good. Leo, played by Anthony Mackie is not a man, is an android officer — so there is the sci-fi type aspect. We have Harp, played by Damson Idris, who is a drone pilot. Harp makes some quick decisions and it ends up getting him in trouble with his officers. So he is sent to work with Leo. Leo takes him on a special mission “outside the wire” — and I feel like I have to stop there to avoid spoilers. 

However, I will say that the story works. I have a few issues with it but overall it is really good. It just goes on too long.

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What Didn’t Work With Outside The Wire

My major problem with Outside The Wire is that it is just too long. This movie is two hours long and it feels even longer. There are several twists throughout the film, which is great at first, but eventually you stop caring. 

In between action there is a lot of unnecessary dialogue. Some of it would have been fine, but they could have cut a large portion of it to make this movie shorter. If you take out half an hour, it is a really good movie.

A major twist happens with a half hour left and at that point, I just didn’t care about the rest of the movie. I watched it, and it was satisfying enough, but I wish they could have found a way to make that thirty minutes into five or ten. 

outside the wire movie

Cr. ​Jonathan Prime​/NETFLIX ​© ​2020

Overall Thoughts

Outside The Wire is an action packed movie with some plot points that you really need to pay attention to. There are twists and turns and it is sure to keep you on your toes. The biggest issue is it just a little too long, and the third act could have been shortened to make the audience more invested. Too many people are likely to have lost interest by the time it gets to where it is going.

All that being said — is Outside The Wire worth watching? I say yes – -but only if you like action and war movies. It isn’t perfect by any means, and you probably will not watch it a second time, but it is still worth a watch. Even if just for the well placed twists and turns. But I admit, it might be a struggle to get through.

About Outside The Wire

Set in the future, Harp (Damson Idris), a drone pilot, is sent into a deadly militarized zone where he finds himself working for Leo (Anthony Mackie), an android officer, tasked to locate a doomsday device before the insurgents do.

Outside The Wire hits Netflix on January 15th!

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