After We Collided Review: Is It Worth A Watch?


After We Collided will hit big with its core audience, but is it worth a watch for anyone who is not a fan of teen rom-com films?

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When I first watched After We Collided I had no clue that it was a sequel. Netflix suggested it to me and I though hmm…why not check this out. But after realizing it has a prequel I went back and watched that one. So I kind of flip flopped the two but I think this gave me a different perspective of the movie. 

Which one did I like best? The first one. By a long shot. However, After We Collided isn’t without its charms. It does what it supposed to and I think it will resonate well with the teenage girls group. This movie does step things up from the first one and feels a bit more intense. 

Having not seen After, and not knowing there was even a prequel film, I was waiting for the big reveal of what exactly Hardin did to Tessa. Of course, I fully understood it after seeing the first film, and I can relate to why Tessa was so upset and why their relationship is so tumultuous.

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Overall Thoughts

While it comes off as a movie made for teens, about teenage love, there are a lot of scenes I can’t imagine letting my kids watch, even as teenagers. It gets a bit hot and steamy, and there is some partying as well. All that being said it isn’t that much more intense than the first one, and I think it will be more than satisfactory for its core audience.

Honestly the weirdest part about watching these movies is hearing my name over and over. It isn’t a popular one, and I rarely hear it in films. Hearing it so often threw me off, and I ended up comparing myself to the character too much.

Because of the After We Collided ending sure seems like a third installation is in store. While I may not be counting the days until its release, I can say without question I will be watching. If for nothing else than out of sheer curiosity about the ending of After We Collided.

About After We Collided

Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever.

Watch After We Collided on Netflix now.

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