Godmothered Review: A Hilarious Comedy With A Whole Lot Of Heart


Godmothered is a new movie coming to Disney+ and it is sure to lift your spirits and show you that true love comes in many different forms.

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L-R: Willa Skye as Mia, Jillian Shea Spaeder as Jane, Jillian Bell as Eleanor and Isla Fisher as Mackenzie Walsh in GODMOTHERED, exclusively on Disney+.

Godmothered is a hilarious comedy, with a whole lot of heart. This film is coming to Disney+ and is something the whole family is sure to enjoy. It seamlessly goes from scenes that will have you laughing until your stomach hurts, to heartwarming (and sometimes heartbreaking) moments that will really touch you. The overall lesson of Godmothered is that true love doesn’t always look like a fairytale — there are many different forms it can take. That and maybe ditch the ever after part, and just live happily.

Godmothered follows Eleanor, a Fairy Godmother in training as she takes on her first assignment. It should be noted that she was not given this assignment, in fact, the motherland is going to be shutting down the Fairy Godmother courses and retrain them all as Tooth Fairies. No one believes in happily ever after anymore.

Eleanor is determined to change this as she goes to help 10 year old Mackenzie. When she arrives she realizes that Mackenzie is now much older, and a single mom of two girls. You would think the rest of the movie is pretty predictable and while parts of it are, there are some surprises in store as well. 


Jillian Bell is Hilarious

I am a HUGE fan of Jillian Bell. I truly believe she is one of the funniest actresses working today. She stole the show in Workaholics, Eastbound and Down, and Idiotsitter. All very underrated comedies. I was very excited to see her as Eleanor in Godmothered although honestly, I was a bit surprised. She can be raunchy and this is clearly a kids movie so I wasn’t sure how that was going to go. 

Well. I was very pleasantly surprised by her performance. She proved that she can pull off wholesome comedy too. There were so many moments that she had me laughing until my stomach hurt. Her facial expressions are priceless. She is the standout in this movie for me. 


Is Godmothered OK For Kids?

My daughters and 7 and 9 years old and they loved Godmothered! This movie is totally a family movie. I don’t recall any language but admittedly that isn’t my strong suit. We don’t worry about the language our kids hear more or less. 

The only that stands out to me is that there is some drinking of alcohol. By adults, but one of them does get a little sloppy. The scene is honestly hilarious, but that is something certain parents might be worries about. There is also mention of death, so you might want to watch out for any child who is sensitive to that.

disney+ godmothered

Jillian Bell as Eleanor in GODMOTHERED, exclusively on Disney+.

Overall Thoughts

Honestly, I thought Godmothered was going to be another predictable, but cute, romantic comedy — which is basically accurate. There were some twists and turns that I did not see coming, however — even the ending was different than I had expected. Don’t get me wrong, Godmothered is most definitely a comedy, but it is also filled with a lot of heart.

There are a few moments that even made me tear up — completely unexpectedly. I want to avoid major spoilers because I think this movie should be experienced with fresh eyes. The overall message of Godmothered is that true love comes in many different forms. Society has told us for centuries what true love and fairytales should look like, but maybe that is just not how they are in real life. 

I cannot recommend Godmothered enough! Especially if you have young kids in your family. My girls were sucked in from the beginning. They are 7 and 9 and they loved this movie. They were cracking up one minute and crying the next. This movie is a great way to get into the holiday spirit — and learn a little bit about true love along the way.

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About Godmothered

Set at Christmas time, “Godmothered” is a comedy about Eleanor, a young, inexperienced fairy godmother-in-training (Jillian Bell) who upon hearing that her chosen profession is facing extinction, decides to show the world that people still need fairy godmothers. Finding a mislaid letter from a 12-year-old girl in distress,

Eleanor tracks her down and discovers that the girl, Mackenzie, is now a 40-year-old single mom (Isla Fisher) working at a news station in Boston. Having lost her husband several years earlier, Mackenzie has all but given up on the idea of “Happily Ever After,” but Eleanor is bound and determined to give Mackenzie a happiness makeover, whether she likes it or not.

GODMOTHERED is streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting December 4th!

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