GraviTrax Obstacle Set: The Perfect Way To Encourage STEM


We love toys that encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in our daughters, so we love the GraviTrax Obstacle Set! Thank you so much to Ravensburger for sending it to us so we could check it out for ourselves! All opinions are 100% our own.

gravitrax obstacle set

My husband is an engineer by trade so STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is huge in our house. We are always trying to incorporate it into the lives of our young daughters, especially when selecting games and toys for them. So when we received our GraviTrax Obstacle Set kit we could not wait to start getting creative and building! 

There are endless possibilities with this set which had me pleasantly surprised. From the moment we opened it up I knew it would provide hours and hours of fun, learning, and using our minds. There are a ton of course suggestions that it comes with, but you can also just use your own brain and come up with, well, just about anything! There are multiple play and challenge options to explore and trust me, this is a full day’s worth of fun.

gravitrax obstacle set

Creative Screen-Free Activity

Let’s face it, with virtual learning kids are staring at screens more than ever right now. My daughters are spending a minimum of six hours looking at their computer screens between classes and homework. That is a LOT. I know that for me, as a parent, I am looking for fun, creative, and engaging screen-free activities to keep my girls’ minds active. GraviTrax is perfect for that!

We had so much fun putting together what ever our minds could come up with. My husband and I did some pretty cool things but I have to admit, our daughters came up with some courses that were way cooler than the ours!

This obstacle set comes with so many pieces that you can really create an EPIC course. There are pieces that will bounce your ball, stop your ball, and guide your ball. The bouncing ones became my youngest daughter’s favorite — and really, who can blame her?

gravitrax review

Family Bonding

One of my favorite things about the GraviTrax Obstacle Set is how much fun we have creating together as a family. Virutal learning has had the kids home yes, but it still takes a lot of time. That means we have been missing out on family activities. Not to mention that we usually try to go out and do fun things locally, but we have been at home basically since March.

My whole family bonded thanks to the GraviTrax Obstacle Set. We spent hours piecing things together, guessing which way the balls would go, and just having a blast with the interactive track system. We loved putting our heads together to see what kind of crazy courses we could come up with. 

For the whole day, we all put our electronics away and focused on building and creating. We spent hours enjoying each other’s company while learning and creating and boy, did that feel great. Yes, this is a great activity for kids, but it is also a great activity for families. 

About GraviTrax Obstacle Set

Science meets creativity with the GraviTrax Obstacle Course Set. This STEM toy encourages hands-on play where kids lead the way. With a variety of gravity-based elements, kids can create near limitless obstacle course marble run tracks. This set features all the components from the GraviTrax Starter Set, plus 5 additional expansions, including the Trampoline, Zipline, Transfer, Spiral and Bridges. Experiment and problem solve by utilizing different elements to send the marbles from start to finish. Once the basics have been mastered, simply add more marbles and elements to the designs to create more advanced tracks and endless possibilities.

Boys and girls 8 and up can learn how gravity, magnetism, and kinetics propel the marbles through their creations. Designed with modular elements, kids can easily adapt their tracks every time they play. Explore additional GraviTrax expansion sets and accessories that offer different functions to incorporate into their builds.

Ages: 8+
Players: Any!
Price: $129.99

Grab the GraviTrax Obstacle Course Set exclusively at Target!



  1. Teresa Marshall on

    Hi there,
    We just purchased the Gravitrax Obstacle Set as a gift for our son. I was wondering about buying some expansion packs to go with it BUT I noticed on all the expansion boxes it reads “Only playable with the Starter Pack”. Have you tried adding any “extra” expansion packs to your set? If so, did they fit and function properly?

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