DC’s Stargirl Episode Eight: Shiv Part Two Recap & Review


DC’s Stargirl episode eight continues right where the show left off in episode seven. Things are getting intense for both villains and heroes.

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The final few minutes of episode seven of DC’s Stargirl left us with a big cliffhanger and I found myself counting the moments until I would be able to watch episode eight. And let me tell you that I was beyond pleased with what this episode gave us.

Not only did it pick up right where the last one ended to not make us wait too long, the heroes and villains both go through a lot. 

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Warning: Spoilers for DC’s Stargirl episode eight.

If you remember how the last episode ended, with Courtney badly hurt by Cindy, then you have probably been waiting to see what happened with her like I have. Well, Pat had found her, but needed to make it look like there was a reason she was being taken to the hospital, so he crashed his car on purpose. 

When Courtney wakes up, Pat explains to her what he did and says that it is time to tell her mother what has been going on. She deserves to know the truth. Courtney is, of course, opposed to this idea. Meanwhile the new members of the JSA are worked up about what Cindy did to Courtney, and they want to get revenge. 

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Speaking of Cindy, she is confronted by her father, Dragon King, about defying his orders. Sure, she found Stargirl and hurt her. However, she didn’t kill her. She left the body there. And she stole her suit in order to do it. He is furious with her and threatens to take off his mask. This seems to scare her — which has me really excited for the moment he does take it off!

One of my favorite parts of this episode is seeing Icicle use his full powers to kill someone. Someone that apparently had a hand in his wife’s death. Yes, it was from cancer, but this man’s company dumped chemicals that caused her sickness.

The JSA has decided to keep an eye on Cindy for now. With Cindy not being home, Beth and Pat still end up inside the house, invited in by her mother. Beth’s glasses cannot identify Cindy’s mother, which makes her more suspicious. As she investigates the home she discovers the keypad to the basement, and stumbles into a secret tunnel where Solomon Grundy is being kept.

dc stargirl episode eight recap review

So where is Cindy? She went to Courtney’s house to check in on her. She even ends up apologizing to her about how she acted toward her at the football game. This had my mind racing — did she not know that Courtney was Stargirl? I mean, Courtney knew who Cindy was because she didn’t wear a mask, but Courtney was wearing one. 

Cindy tells Courtney that she thinks they are similar and that she needs a friend right now. Then she drops the name — Stargirl. She also tells her she is going to kill all her friends.  Cindy arrives home while Pat and Beth are still in the house — and Beth is actually snooping around her bedroom! She did discover a photo of her father before he became the Dragon King, Dr Ito. Beth successfully gets our of the house, but did take the photo with her. 

Pat has a talk with the staff about how Courtney is too young and could have been killed. Well, when she goes to take the staff, it hesitates. I kind of love that scene because it shows that the staff really cares about her.

dc stargirl episode eight recap review

We also see Henry, Brainwave’s son, coming into more of his powers in Stargirl episode eight. Since his dad is in a coma, he is at this alone. He seems to have no clue what is happening to him, but he is getting a grasp on things. He discovers a key and a secret room with all his father’s secrets — including the fact that he asked Dr. Ito to have Cindy watch Henry.

Overall, this is one of my favorite episodes because things are starting to really get intense with both heroes and villains. We even get another Cindy and Courtney fight. Honestly, I can’t get enough of these two. Henry shows up and he is overloaded with both of their thoughts. Because of this he screams and they both go flying. Then Cindy is dragged down in the sewer by some of her dad’s minions. 

dc stargirl episode eight recap review

DC’s Stargirl Episode Eight: Shiv Part Two

After Courtney gets herself into some trouble following an unexpected confrontation, Pat decides they need to come clean to Barbara. Meanwhile, Cindy takes heat from her father after a plan to take matters into her own hands goes awry. Finally, Yolanda, Beth and Rick lead an investigation into one of their own classmates.

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The project focuses on the character that started executive producer Geoff Johns’ career as a comic book writer when he created her in 1999, lovingly inspired by his late sister, who was killed in a 1996 plane explosion.

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