Why Every Gamer Needs Duracell Optimum Batteries


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Duracell Optimum batteries

*Delivers extra life or extra power, vs. Coppertop AA/AAA in a wide range of devices.

If you didn’t know, myself and my family are huge gamers. We have basically every console you can imagine, which means LOTS of batteries to power our many controllers. One of the worst things to happen to a gamer is for a controller to die right in the middle of a battle or important part of a game. That is why I chose the NEW Duracell Optimum batteries. Let’s just say I have learned why Duracell is the #1 trusted brand!

Duracell Optimum in store

*Delivers extra life or extra power, vs. Coppertop AA/AAA in a wide range of devices.

Why We Love Duracell Optimum Batteries

We have a Rite Aid in town, and it is the perfect place to pick up our everyday items, which includes batteries. We were thrilled to see that Duracell Optimum batteries were coming to this store, and we were lucky enough to have received a free trial of Optimum batteries from Duracell to use before they arrived in stores. These are new, and boy oh boy, I’m so glad that we discovered them. They come in AA and AAA, which is great because these are the two sizes I need for my different gaming controllers. They are also in pack sizes of 4, 6, and 12. 

In a wide range of devices they deliver extra life* in some devices or extra power* in others vs. Coppertop AA/AAA batteries! And if you are a gamer like me, you know just how important that is. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a boss fight and your controller dies. That has happened to me on more than one occasion. I will say that my husband loves it when I am in a battle against him in any of our favorite fighter games. He takes advantage of it and gets me. But thanks to Duracell Optimum, I now have extra life*.

Keeps You Organized

If you are anything like me, you have a junk drawer that is jam packed with, well, mostly junk. But also batteries. They fall out of their packages and you are left wondering, “Are these used or are they new?” Well, that WAS me. Not anymore, thanks to the brilliant packaging of the Duracell Optimum batteries — because it is resealable. Yup, the packaging has a slide-out tray that is resealable and reusable. How amazing is that? Finally, my junk drawer, at least the batteries portion of it, is organized! This is another reason that I just LOVE these batteries. I am a big neat freak, so this is a HUGE plus for me.

Duracell Optimum resealable

*Delivers extra life or extra power, vs. Coppertop AA/AAA in a wide range of devices.

Forgetful Gamers Will Benefit

Honestly, I have never been the best at remembering things. So while my husband knows exactly when to change the batteries in his controllers, I often forget. This means my controller dying at less than ideal times. But thanks to the Duracell Optimum batteries extending the life of my controllers, they have extended my game play! I also really enjoy gaming on the PC when I have time. And trust me when I say that a PC mouse sucks down batteries faster than you can ever imagine, especially when you are gaming. I now keep a pack of Duracell Optimum batteries in my desk drawer so I can pull them out when I am in a pinch and need a quick battery change, which honestly, is less often now.

Duracell Optimum PC Gaming

*Delivers extra life or extra power, vs. Coppertop AA/AAA in a wide range of devices.

Other Great Uses for Duracell Optimum

Since I have two little girls, with lots of electronic toys, these batteries are now a staple in our home, used not just for gaming, but for everything. This cuts down on the “Mommmm, my [FILL IN THE BLANK] died!!! I need batteries!“, that I hear on a weekly basis. These cries have become much more scarce now, and I am so thankful to Duracell for that.  We have completely switched to Duracell Optimum in our home, and are so much better off for it. If you are a family of many battery powered electronics like we are, I highly recommend you try these out! I don’t think you will regret your decision one bit.



  1. This is a really bad idea! Look online I bought two brand new four packs and one of the packs already were leaking in the package. The others looked good no leakage so I put them in my controllers. Less than a day later my controllers started disconnecting randomly with full battery. The triggers stopped responding too. I opened up the battery case and the brand new batteries were leaking acid all of the inside of my controllers. Duracell will be hearing from me and I expect them to pay for my controllers and the cost of the batteries. Please be aware before you use these!!

  2. The person who wrote this is a complete sellout, a liar and clearly has NO idea how batteries work.
    There are three primary factors dictating the capabilities of a power source.

    1. mAh (milliamp Hour): Think of this as storage capacity. Does having a larger fuel cell make a car faster or stronger? Nope. Just determines how long it can run. Higher mAh = longer run times.
    2. Current (Amperage) capability: How quickly the battery (or cell) can feed “power”. The amperage is actually determined by the device being powered and how much it will attempt to pull. As long as the power source can support the draw, everything is fine. This is normally the case and therefore not really much of a concern here.
    3. Voltage: THIS is what would make a given device work “harder”, spin “faster”… Higher is not always a good thing either. Devices that run on AA batteries are designed around the standard AA battery voltage. Common sense, right? That being said, the voltage of the Duracell Optimum batteries are almost exactly the same as all of their (and everyone else’s) other batteries. So their claim is a complete falsehood.

    A friend of mind complete a study a short time ago that some might find interesting. (https://imgur.com/O6kmb5P) This chart compares the parameters of a multitude of batteries. Notice that Energizer Ultimate Lithium FAR exceeds Duracell Optimum in EVERY category (including cost per cell). And no, I do not work for Energizer. lol. I am actually a design engineer for a weapons manufacturer. It just so happens my first degree was in electrical engineering and seeing companies lie for profit pisses me off.

    • Thank you for posting this, I came here to post the same info. I’m so tired of battery commercials touting how much longer they last and how powerful they are.

      Volts = how powerful or fast
      mah = how long they last..

      The only thing I would add, is that SIZE of the battery, for the most part, dictates milliamp/hours. And the fact that the battery type ‘A’, ‘AA’, ‘C’ etc.. have fixed sized, pretty much limits max milliamp/hours. There can be insignificant gains in milliamp/hours based on the battery technology. So yes, 1250mah vs 1253mah, technically means one battery will last longer (about 20 milliseconds longer),

      it’s a joke, yet you see people giving 34 and 5 star ratings because they actually think these batteries are better than other similar brand batteries. Yes, poor quality batteries can have lower capacity because of materials used. But MAX capacity is pretty much fixed.

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