How The BH90210 Reboot Season One Sucked In This Non-Fan


bh90210 review

I am going to be completely honest here — I never watched the original Beverly Hills, 90210 but I LOVE the BH90210 reboot. Sure, every now and then I would watch an episode if I came across it, but it was not something I focused on — and I definitely didn’t know every story line. But now I will be heading back to season one, and binging from the very start! I need to know it all!

Perhaps it is the fact that I got to know the actors behind the characters. Of course they are still playing a role and BH90210 does not depict their ACTUAL lives. But then again, it kind of does. I know that Brian Austin Green is often outshined by his wife, Megan Fox (still think they are weird together). And that Tori Spelling has done a LOT of reality TV. Whenever I visit LA for a premiere she is there, with her millions of kids, and now I can think about is the struggle she goes through.

BH90210 reboot

All the Drama

OK, I LOVE all the drama that this series brings. It was very much like a scripted reality TV show — or even a behind the scenes look at the filming of a series. I know that it isn’t real of course, but it pokes fun at itself and I love it.

The way the cast talked about different incidents that happened while filming, and on the original show, made me wish I knew what they were talking about. So much so that I have already started watching the first season, and plan to binge them ALL before a season two of the reboot happens. Because a season two WILL happen. Or we riot. Right?

bh90210 meta

It’s So Meta

Like I said, this series pokes fun at itself. It is so ridiculously meta — but it works. If it hadn’t been this way, I am not sure I ever would have watched it, let alone enjoyed it. This is how it sucked me in. This is how it made me want to go watch every episode of BH90210 ever made. By referencing all the things from the original series. And by making me think “OK well now I have to go see what they are talking about.

This is a spoiler free review, however I did get out some spoilers in my review video. So if you want my take on the ending — watch this video.

Overall Thoughts

I have to admit, I am really glad my friends told me to watch this show. I have never seen the original I argued. It doesn’t matter they replied. How right they were. And now I WILL watch the original series. And I have a feeling, I will love it.

I honestly believe that the way this did this — almost a making of the reboot — is what hooked me. They have a new fan in me now, so bravo! Now we just need a season two…. 

BH90210 is available to binge on the FOX app now!

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