Epcot 2019 Food & Wine Festival: Guide to Finding Remy


2019 Food & Wine Remy Locations

Walt Disney World’s Epcot 2019 Food and Wine Festival is in full swing — and this year you can hunt for Remy to earn yourself an amazing Disney souvenir. Probably my favorite thing about Disney festivals is the scavenger hunt maps you can purchase. For the 2019 Food and Wine festival, this means hunting down Remy in each country. When you turn in your completed map you can choose one of four cups – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Figment, and Remy. 

Remy's Ratatouille Hide & Squeak Empty Map

These cups are actually really nice travel mugs, and so you know my family had to purchase four maps so we could get the full set. If you have an annual pass or Disney Vacation Club discount, each map/cup will only coast you $5.59! That is probably the cheapest Disney souvenir you can find! If you don’t have the discount, they are still fairly cheap — just $6.99! Some of the Remys can be hard to find, so I am going to tell you exactly where you can find them (and what he is holding in each spot so you can complete your map!). 


2019 Food & Wine Remy Family Play Zone

Family Play Zone

My kids LOVE the family play zone at Epcot, so this was a hard Remy for them to find. They kept getting distracted by all the fun! However, I spotted Remy fairly quickly — up on top of the MouseGears Sign. He is holding the zucchinis.

2019 Food & Wine Mexico Remy


When passing through Mexico, you don’t have to go off the beaten path to find Remy. He has a nice variety of peppers up on the entrance to La Cantina. He has a variety of colored peppers — but the sticker is just green peppers. Don’t be fooled by that! 

2019 Food & Wine Remy Norway


This one was a little tricky for all of us! Remy is way high up on a grassed roof. He seems easier to spot from the Anna and Elsa meet and greet area versus the ride area. While he isn’t on the roof for the room with the Thor, Loki, and other Gods information, he is very close to it. And he has found some bread in Norway!

2019 Food & Wine China Remy


There are a few times Remys hidden inside, and China is one of those areas. You can look up high by some fans, and you will spy Remy! With him is a nice plate of garlic

2019 Food & Wine Germany Remy


The Remy in Germany is also a difficult one as he is hiding on a balcony. We missed him our first few times through the country, so look closely above the Das Kaufhaus sign, and you will spot him. What does he have with him? Some table salt!

2019 Food & Wine Italy Remy


Italy is a fairly easy Remy to spot as you don’t have to venture in to the country at all. He sits atop the kiosk that is serving wine and gelato with an eggplant.

2019 Food & Wine American Adventure Remy

The American Adventure

This Remy sits up high on a bookshelf in the KidsCot section of The American Adventure. He is fairly easy to spot, but the hard part was figuring out what he had with him. All of the other Remys have a plastic food item, but not this sneaky one! He has some fresh basil in small pots with him. Yum!

2019 Food & Wine Japan 2 Remy

2019 Food & Wine Japan Remy


Another inside Remy is found in Japan. He is the back store, up on a bookshelf, holding some vinegar. He is in the cooking section, above a Sushi Lover’s book. Remy is located in a nook inside the store, which can be hidden by those waiting in line to pay for their purchases, so be on the lookout!

2019 Food & Wine Remy Morocco Remy


We walked around the inside area of Morocco for about ten minutes, and noticed Remy as we were walking out of that area. He is up high, near The Art of Henna. Remy has collected a few tomatoes, and is on the blue ledge, above the smoothie sign.

2019 Food & Wine Remy France


France was a really tough one. This Remy took the longest amount of time for us to find. He is located toward the back of the country, up high, next to the Impressions De France sign. He has a nice bottle of olive oil with him.

2019 Food & Wine Remy United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The Remy in the United Kingdom is pretty easy to spot. This is another one where you don’t have to go off the beaten path to spot him. He is right on the Rose & Crown sign, with a large white onion. Don’t be confused because the sticker has a purple onion (this had us wondering if this was the garlic before we spotted that in China). 

2019 Food & Wine Remy Canada


In Canada, you have to head down the Le Cellier path to find Remy. He is on top of that ledge with a frying pan. At first, we were wondering what was inside the pan, but the sticker is Remy just holding a pan. So don’t be confused by that. 

2019 Food & Wine The Art of Pairing

The Art of Pairing 

Now this one was really confusing because there is no 2019 Food and Wine booth titled The Art of Pairing to search for Remy in. There is, however, a wine booth next to a chocolate booth, next to a cheese booth. For us, this seemed like the most logical place to look, and we were right. Here you can find Remy on the roof of The Cheese Studio with some squash.

2019 Food & Wine Next Eats Remy

Next Eats

The Next Eats section has several different booths, but you can find Remy on top of the Earth Eats booth, which has green signs. With him is a carrot.

2019 Food & Wine Flavors of Fire Remy

2019 Food & Wine Flavors from Fire Remy

Flavors From Fire

Flavors of Fire smells REALLY good, so be warned you might want to stand in line for some good food here. And honestly, that is the best way to find Remy — from the line. He is up on the roof, toward the back, with a pepper grinder.

2019 Food & Wine Remy Hide & Squeak Prize Cups

2019 Food & Wine Remy Hide & Squeak Prize Cups Back

So if you are looking for a Disney souvenir that is an EXCLUSIVE, and on the cheaper side, look no further than the 2019 Food and Wine Festival Remy Scavenger Hunt at Epcot! If you have little ones, this is also a great way to keep them entertained while you eat and drink your way around the World! They will actually enjoy spending time in the counties at Epcot, I promise you! 

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