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life of captain marvel comic book series

the life of captain marvel

If you didn’t know, I am a big comic book collector and reader. I have been reading comic books since I was about 8 years old, but the last 12 years I have been REALLY in to them. One of my favorite characters has always been Carol Danvers. I loved her as Ms. Marvel (and adore the new Ms. Marvel too!). When she took up the mantle of Captain Marvel, I was super excited! With the hype of the new movie coming in early 2019, a new 5 issue run came out – The Life of Captain Marvel. We learned a lot about Carol’s past in this mini series and I cannot wait to see if any of it ties in to the film.

WARNING: Spoilers of the series ahead!

Life of Captain Marvel

Carol Goes Home

The series opens with Carol lashing out on a villain a bit harder than she should. It is Father’s Day and she is having issues with some memories of her dad as being abusive, so she decides to go home. She has it out with her brother while at her father’s grave and lets him drive off drunk. Then BAM – accident. He ends up in a coma and she decides to ditch Tony and the Avengers for a while to stay home with her mom and brother.

Life of Captain Marvel Carol's Dad

Her Father’s Past

In staying at home, she discovers some letters that her father wrote to a woman he was having an affair with (she assumes). Inside the box was also a strange device. She has no clue what it is, and even tries to smash it open after she notices a hing. This activates some kind of beacon that we see shoot in to space, and create someone (we don’t know who) and tells that someone (we also don’t know who) is on Earth.

Life of Captain Marvel the kree kleaner

The Arrival

We then see something arrive on Earth. I immediately assumed she was a Kree because of the blue skin. It looks like she is trying to find her way to Carol. In the meantime, Carol is getting close with someone from her past, “Little Louis” and it is really obvious he has liked her for a long time. I would love to see him, or a nod to him, in the MCU’s Captain Marvel.

Life of Captain Marvel Joe

Joe Wakes Up

Carol’s brother Joe, also wakes up from his coma, but has no use of legs. Yea, there is a LOT going on in this series. All of which is amazing and exciting. Joe and Carol discuss the fact that their father was cheating on their mother. Joe brings back a memory of Carol’s where they all saw him kissing another woman. Someone from another world. Carol’s mother also finds that device in the garage and yells that “it belonged to her”, which tips Carol off that her mother knew also. And that infuriates her.

Life of Captain Marvel Carol's Mom

Her Mother’s Past

So this creature from space makes it’s way to where Carol is and she prepares for a big fight. Then, her mom stops her. Telling her it is her battle to fight. Because – get this – she is a Kree soldier – WHAT! That’s right, Carol’s Kree powers were just activated during her accident with the Kree ship, not created. She is, indeed, half human and half Kree. Mind blown! Her mother tells her she is Car-Ell, daughter of Mari-Ell, captain first of the supreme protectorate, champion of the Kree empire, daughter of Hala by Bloodright and Starlight. She explains that the creature is a Kree Kleaner and is there to bring her back to face judgement, since she abandoned her job to stay on Earth and raise Carol.

We find out that Carol’s father just wanted to keep her safe, because of her background. And knowing she was half Kree, and could attain powers at any moment drove him to drink. Her mother’s story brings us back to when Carol ran away from home. That is when her mom lost not only Carol, but also her father, Joe.

the life of captain marvel 5 cover

The Conclusion

Major spoilers to the ending here, so if you don’t want to know, stop reading here. Mari-Ell and Car-Ell take on the Kree Kleaner and chase her down to get Joe back. They combine their powers, which is flipping amazing to see for the record. Eventually the Kree Kleaner tries to kill Car-Ell, and Mari-Ell flies in front and sacrifices herself. Car-Ell (or Carol) takes her mother to the lighthouse, where she first saw her “real mother” and her father together so many years ago. In the end, she joins back up with the Avengers.

Even if you read this whole article and not the comics, I highly recommend picking them up. There are so many things I couldn’t capture in my descriptions. This series is worth reading a thousand times over. Or at least pick up the trade paperback when it comes out in February. Trust me.


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