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The Ultimate Keto Shopping List for Beginners

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Keto Diet

As you probably know already, I have been eating a Keto Approved diet since January. Sure, I cheat a little here and there, like while at Disney, but I have lost over 40 lbs and am loving my new life. I have shared some Keto recipes and tips on here in the past, but many people have asked me what to buy during that first shopping trip.

So I put together a list of things that I think every person tackling the keto way of eating should have on hand. Alongside these crucial items, you might want to have a look at some Keto Supplement Reviews to help you decide which ketogenic supplements will give your body the great health boost that it deserves.

The Ultimate Keto Shopping List

TIP: When checking carb content, always subtract dietary fiber from carbs to get your net carbs.

Create A Support System

There are many Keto Facebook groups that you can join for support and recipes. Of course it helps to have the entire household eating only keto approved so the temptation is not there. This truly is a lifestyle change, and it can take a lot of will power. Especially if you love bread like I do.

I don’t even miss the pasta, it is the bread. As a general rule I try to stay under 20 carbs a day. Once I get to my ultimate goal weight (only 15 lbs to go!) I will up that to 50 – and 70 while on vacations. I don’t really work out anymore but I should, and I plan to start that up again once the kids are in school.

Is there an item I missed on this shopping list?
Comment below and let me know!

Mike Griffiths

Tuesday 25th of May 2021

Hi, I have been on "The New You" plan for the last five weeks and lost 28 Lbs. It's ok in as much that it's doable on a 800 Cal's a day but you seem to have lots more choice. I cannot believe that you can eat sausages while being in ketosis or am I getting it wrong? How would start off being me, could you maybe let me have a week menu just to get started, you have really got me interested. Best wishes Mike.

Stephanie Poynor

Sunday 29th of September 2019

It would be EXCELLENT if this was in a printable format?