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Steven Universe

My girls are getting a little older – they are 5 and 7 now. My husband and I know that it is only a matter of time before they are out of the house, so we have family time every night. We play games, but we also cuddle up and watch a show or two. One of our favorite series to watch is Steven Universe. It is something that the entire family can enjoy. It is appropriate for kids, but the plot is really entertaining to adults. We were excited to get an advance copy of the latest DVD, Steven Universe: The Heart of the Crystal Gems, and we binged it in just two days. Yes, it was that good.

Steven Universe Heart of the Crystal Gems

About The Heart of the Crystal Gems

Fans everywhere can now take home the most talked-about adventure of the critically-acclaimed Cartoon Network original series when Steven Universe: The Heart of the Crystal Gems arrives on DVD August 14. The series will never be the same after the jaw-dropping revelations of this explosive story arc. Including 5 episodes from last week’s linear event (one of which is extended) plus 5 additional episodes, this DVD collection allows viewers to revisit the moments when the Crystal Gems are falling apart over revelations about Rose Quartz and it’s up to Steven to bring the team back together.

I loved watching this with my daughters and husband. Honestly, these episodes really taught us some great lessons. Everyone is worth saving. No one is worth destroying – not completely. I liked seeing Steven struggle with decisions he had made. It is something that is very true to life, and I am glad the girls got to watch this. Not to mention the LGBT+ amazingness we got with Ruby and Sapphire. I shed some tears, not going to lie.

steven universe ruby sapphire

Episodes Included on this DVD:

  1. Now We’re Only Falling Apart
  2. What’s Your Problem?
  3. The Question
  4. Made of Honor
  5. Reunited (22-minute special)
  6. Bismuth (22-minute special)
  7. Mindful Education
  8. Storm in the Room
  9. The Trial
  10. A Single Pale Rose

Steven Universe

About Steven Universe

​Cartoon Network’s Emmy-nominated Steven Universe revolves around Steven, the “little brother” to a team of magical aliens – the Crystal Gems – who defend the planet Earth. Steven is the son of the Crystal Gems’ late leader Rose Quartz and aging aspiring rockstar Mr. Universe. Steven belongs everywhere and nowhere: he has inherited his mother’s Gem and her magical powers, but also his father’s humanity and charm. The show is a slice-of-life action comedy that follows Steven as he attempts to bridge the gap between the sci-fi fantasy world of Gems and the cozy, funny, simple-yet-extraordinarily-complicated world of human beings.

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